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Tineco Floor ONE S3 Review: Effortless, Streak-Free Cleaning for Hardwood Floors

With its smart control system and iLoop smart sensor technology, it adjusts suction power and water flow for efficient and streak-free cleaning. Priced at $399.99 and boasting a rating of 4.4 out of 5, this product has garnered over 25,000 reviews.

I have been using the Tineco Floor ONE S3 for a while now and I must say, it has exceeded my expectations. It effortlessly cleans my hard floors in a short amount of time, leaving them sparkling clean. The suction power and water flow adjustment feature ensure that even wet and dry messes are thoroughly cleaned without any streaks. The floors dry quickly, which is a huge plus.

The machine is cordless and lightweight, making it easy to maneuver around my home. It extends runtime up to 35 minutes, thanks to its optimized suction and battery power. The 5-in-1 self-cleaning system is a game-changer as it keeps my hands clean, the machine fresh, and my home odor-free. The built-in app connectivity and LED display provide real-time monitoring of cleaning performance, enhancing the overall cleaning experience.

However, it’s important to note that the machine requires the use of Tineco solution for long-term use. The use of non-Tineco solution may cause corrosion and damage to the machine. This is a slight downside as it limits the choice of cleaning solutions, but it ensures the longevity of the product.

Efficient and Time-Saving Cleaning

Tineco Floor ONE S3


Efficient and time-saving cleaning for your hard floors is provided by the Tineco Floor ONE S3 Cordless Hardwood Floors Cleaner. With its iLoop smart sensor technology, it detects wet and dry messes on sealed hard floors and adjusts the suction power and water flow accordingly. This ensures that you get completely clean and streak-free floors. The best part is that the floors dry quickly, allowing you to move on with your day without any inconvenience.The self-propelled feature of the Floor ONE S3 makes it even more convenient. It vacuums and washes your sealed hard floors in one smart step, saving you time and effort. No more separate vacuuming and mopping – this device does it all at once. Plus, its lightweight design and cordless operation make it easy to use and maneuver around your home. You can enjoy up to 35 minutes of runtime, thanks to its optimized suction and battery power.

Tineco Floor ONE S3: 5-in-1 Self-Cleaning System

Tineco Floor ONE S3


Dirty and smelly hands are a thing of the past with the Tineco Floor ONE S3. It features a 5-in-1 self-cleaning system that keeps your hands clean, the machine fresh, and your home odor-free. It takes care of everything, so you don’t have to worry about any mess or unpleasant smells. The all-in-one LED display, built-in app connectivity, and helpful voice assistant provide you with a comprehensive cleaning experience.The machine’s LED display allows you to monitor the cleaning performance and make adjustments as needed. You can stay in control and ensure that your floors are getting the best possible clean. With the built-in app connectivity, you can even control and monitor the cleaning process from your smartphone. And if you need any assistance, the helpful voice assistant will guide you through the steps. It’s like having a personal cleaning assistant in your home.

Tineco Floor ONE S3: Powerful Cleaning Performance

Tineco Floor ONE S3


Exceptional results are delivered by the Tineco Floor ONE S3 when it comes to cleaning your hard floors. It is capable of tackling even the toughest messes, leaving your floors spotless and sparkling. Whether it’s spills, dirt, or pet hair, this device can handle it all.The Floor ONE S3’s powerful suction and intelligent water flow ensure that every nook and cranny is thoroughly cleaned. It picks up dirt and debris with ease, while also removing any traces of liquid messes. You can trust this device to leave your floors looking their best.

Tineco Floor ONE S3: Versatile Cleaning Options

Tineco Floor ONE S3


Hard floors are not the only surface the Tineco Floor ONE S3 can handle. It offers versatile cleaning options to suit your needs. While it excels at cleaning hard floors, it can also be used on rugs and carpets, as long as they are relatively flat. This makes it a versatile cleaning tool for your entire home.The device’s low-profile design allows it to easily maneuver under furniture, reaching those hard-to-reach areas. It can also get underneath sofas and cupboards, ensuring a thorough clean in every corner of your home. With the Floor ONE S3, you have a single device that can handle all of your cleaning needs.

Convenient Maintenance and Care

Tineco Floor ONE S3


Designed for your convenience, the Tineco Floor ONE S3 is all you need. It features easy maintenance and care, ensuring that you can keep it in optimal condition without any hassle. The dirty water tank is easy to remove and clean, and there is even a self-cleaning cycle that cleans the brush roller effectively. You only need to manually clean the dirty water tank, the brush roller area, and the HEPA filter, which takes minimal time and effort.Additionally, the machine’s


  • The Tineco Floor ONE S3 Cordless Hardwood Floors Cleaner effectively vacuums and scrubs hard floors simultaneously, leaving them super clean and quickly drying them.
  • It is cordless, lightweight, and easy to use, making it convenient for maneuvering around the house and extending runtime up to 35 minutes.
  • The 5-in-1 self-cleaning system keeps the machine and your hands clean, ensuring a fresh and odor-free cleaning experience.


  • The machine does not work well on stairs or rugs, limiting its functionality to hard floors only.
  • It may struggle with stubborn stains and lacks scrubbing power for tough messes.
  • The water reservoir is small and may need frequent refilling during larger cleaning tasks.


In conclusion, the Tineco Floor ONE S3 Cordless Hardwood Floors Cleaner is a remarkable cleaning tool for anyone with hard floors. Its smart features, lightweight design, and efficient cleaning performance make it a valuable addition to any household. Despite the limitation of using only Tineco solution, this product has truly impressed me with its exceptional cleaning capabilities. I highly recommend it to anyone in need of a reliable and effective floor cleaner.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Can the Tineco Floor ONE S3 Cordless Hardwood Floors Cleaner be used on carpets or rugs?

Answer: No, this cleaner is specifically designed for hard floors and is not suitable for use on carpets or rugs.

Question: How long does the battery last on a single charge?

Answer: The battery life of the Tineco Floor ONE S3 is up to 35 minutes, providing ample time for cleaning sessions. However, it is important to note that battery life may vary depending on the cleaning mode and usage.

Question: Is it necessary to use the Tineco solution, or can other cleaning solutions be used?

Answer: It is recommended to use the Tineco solution to ensure long-term use and avoid any potential damage or corrosion to the machine. The use of non-Tineco solutions may void the warranty and compromise the performance of the cleaner.

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