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Dyson V11 Cordless Review: A Powerful Stick Vacuum for Whole-Home Cleaning

With its cordless feature and 60% more power, it offers an efficient and convenient cleaning experience. Equipped with advanced features such as an LCD screen and a motorbar cleaner head, this vacuum is designed to tackle all floor types and remove long hair and pet hair. In this review, we will explore different customer experiences with the Dyson V11 and provide insights into its performance and features.

During my five years of using the Dyson V8, I had a positive experience with its performance and reliability, with only one battery replacement required. When it was time for an upgrade, I chose the Dyson V11 Cordless Stick Vacuum. The V11 offered several improvements over its predecessor, including increased power and three cleaning modes. The battery life was impressive, allowing me to clean my entire home on a single charge. However, I found the V11 to be heavier than the V8, and the need to remove the vacuum stick to empty the canister was a minor inconvenience. Overall, I am satisfied with the V11’s performance, but I do miss the convenience of not having to remove the stick to empty the canister.

Dyson V11 vs. V8: A Comparison of Power and Features

Dyson V11 Cordless


Offering several advantages over its predecessor, the Dyson V8, the Dyson V11 Cordless Stick Vacuum is a versatile and powerful cleaning tool. With 60% more power and 60 minutes of run time, the V11 provides deep cleaning for your entire home. The V11 also features a power trigger that helps maximize energy efficiency by only using power where it’s needed. Additionally, the V11 has an LCD screen that displays power modes, maintenance alerts, and remaining run time to the second. It offers three cleaning modes for the right power in any situation.

Effective Cleaning with the Motorbar Cleaner Head

Dyson V11 Cordless


Designed to deep clean all floor types, the Dyson V11 impresses with its motorbar cleaner head. It efficiently detangles wrapped long hair and pet hair as you clean, ensuring that no mess is left behind. Whether you have carpets, hardwood floors, or tiles, the motorbar cleaner head is up to the task. Its powerful suction removes dirt and debris with ease, while its anti-tangle conical brush bar prevents long hair and pet hair from getting wrapped around the brush. This feature is especially helpful for pet owners who often struggle with removing pet hair from various surfaces.

Dyson V11 Cordless: Versatility and Convenience with Handheld Conversion

Dyson V11 Cordless


Going beyond traditional stick vacuums, the Dyson V11 offers handheld conversion. With just a few simple steps, you can detach the vacuum stick and use it as a handheld vacuum for cleaning cars, stairs, and upholstery. This versatility makes the V11 a practical choice for tackling a variety of cleaning tasks. Whether you need to clean your car’s interior or reach high shelves, the handheld conversion feature ensures that no area goes untouched.

Dyson V11 Cordless: Dyson-Engineered Accessories for Comprehensive Cleaning

Dyson V11 Cordless


With four Dyson-engineered accessories, the Dyson V11 allows you to clean up high, down low, and everywhere in between. These accessories are specifically designed to complement the V11’s cleaning capabilities and provide a comprehensive cleaning experience. From reaching high ceilings and cobwebs to cleaning tight corners and crevices, these accessories make it easy to tackle any cleaning task with precision and efficiency.

Dyson V11 Cordless: Advanced Whole-Machine Filtration for Cleaner Air

Dyson V11 Cordless


Equipped with advanced whole-machine filtration, the Dyson V11 efficiently traps 99% of particles.99% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. This means that not only does the V11 effectively clean your floors, but it also expels cleaner air, making your home a healthier environment. The filtration system ensures that allergens and dust particles are captured, providing relief for those with allergies or respiratory sensitivities.

Dyson V11 Cordless: Durability and Warranty for Long-Lasting Performance



Made from strong materials selected for their durability and lightweight properties, the Dyson V11 is built to last. This ensures that the vacuum can withstand regular use and last for years to come. Additionally, the V11 comes with a 2-year warranty and lifetime Dyson support, giving you peace of mind and assurance in your investment.These key aspects of the Dyson V11 Cordless Stick Vacuum highlight its power, versatility, and convenience. Whether you’re tackling a deep clean of your entire home or spot-cleaning specific areas, the V11 provides the performance and features needed for effective cleaning.


  • Versatile and cordless for whole-home deep cleaning.
  • 60% more power and 60 minutes of run time.
  • LCD screen shows power modes, maintenance alerts, and remaining run time.


  • Heavier than previous models.
  • Need to remove vacuum stick to empty the canister.
  • Trigger design can cause hand fatigue.


In conclusion, the Dyson V11 Cordless Stick Vacuum delivers powerful and efficient cleaning performance. Its versatility and cordless feature make it suitable for whole-home cleaning, and the motorbar cleaner head effectively tackles different floor types and removes tangled hair. While the V11 has some minor drawbacks such as its weight and the need to remove the stick to empty the canister, its overall performance and advanced features outweigh these inconveniences. If you are looking for a reliable and high-performing vacuum, the Dyson V11 is a worthy investment.

Questions & Answers:

Question: How long does the battery last?

Answer: The battery lasts for up to 60 minutes of run time.

Question: Can it clean different floor types?

Answer: Yes, it has a motorbar cleaner head that can clean multiple floor types.

Question: Is it easy to empty the canister?

Answer: Yes, although you need to remove the vacuum stick, it is still easy to empty the canister.

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