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Lenovo Tab P11 (Gen2) Review: Disappointing Performance and Lack of Updates

However, after using it for several months, I have encountered significant drawbacks that make it difficult for me to recommend this tablet to others.

When I first received the Lenovo Tab P11 (Gen 2), I was excited to have a modern tablet after years of not owning one. However, my enthusiasm quickly faded as I encountered a few significant issues. Firstly, Lenovo failed to provide system updates as promised. Despite their initial claims of an Android 13 update in early 2023, we are still stuck on Android 12 as of my review in August 2023. This lack of updates raises concerns about the tablet’s performance and security.

Furthermore, Lenovo also neglected to provide regular security updates. In fact, the current security version of the tablet dates back to March 2023, leaving it vulnerable to potential security threats. This lack of attention to maintaining the tablet’s security is troubling, especially considering that even my older LG phone has a newer security version and is already running on Android 13.

In addition to the software issues, I have also experienced noticeable lag when performing basic actions, such as swiping from the edge to go back in a browser. This delay often leads to accidental double backs and frustration. Moreover, the double tap to wake feature also suffers from a noticeable delay, making the overall user experience less smooth and efficient.

Lastly, I have encountered slow charging on multiple occasions, regardless of whether I use the original charger and cable or alternate ones. It seems to be a random occurrence, with no clear explanation. Given the tablet’s large battery capacity, this slow charging issue can be particularly frustrating and time-consuming.

Lack of System and Security Updates

Lenovo Tab P11


One of the significant drawbacks of the Lenovo Tab P11 (Gen 2) is its lack of system and security updates. Despite promises from Lenovo, the tablet is still operating on Android 12, even though an update to Android 13 was initially expected in Q1 2023. Lenovo has recently updated their “upgrade matrix” to claim that the update will be released in Q3 of 2023. This delay in updates raises concerns about the company’s commitment to keeping their devices up to date and secure. Currently, the tablet’s security version is from March 2023, which is outdated compared to other devices on the market.

Lag in Processing Actions

Lenovo Tab P11


Lag in processing actions on the Lenovo Tab P11 (Gen 2) has been reported by users. One noticeable example is when swiping from the edge to go back in a browser, which often takes a couple of seconds to respond. This delay can be frustrating and may result in unintentional actions, as users may swipe multiple times thinking the gesture was not recognized. Although this lag could potentially be app-related, it seems to occur across various applications. Another instance of processing lag is observed with the double tap to wake feature, where there is a noticeable delay between tapping and the screen waking up. These processing issues impact the overall user experience and could be improved to enhance the tablet’s performance.

Lenovo Tab P11: Slow Charging

Lenovo Tab P11


Users frequently experience the “charging slowly” message when charging the Lenovo Tab P11 (Gen 2), making the process slow. This occurs regardless of whether the original charger and cable or alternative ones are used. The slow charging issue seems random and lacks consistency, making it difficult to pinpoint the exact cause. With the tablet’s large battery capacity, it can take a significantly long time to reach a full charge. For instance, when tested with the battery at 80%, it displayed “slow charging” and estimated approximately 4 hours to complete the charging process. Improving the charging speed would be beneficial for users who rely on their tablets throughout the day.

Lenovo Tab P11: Impressive Display Quality

Lenovo Tab P11


Despite the aforementioned drawbacks, the Lenovo Tab P11 (Gen 2) does have some positive aspects. The tablet features a pretty nice screen with good color reproduction. The display quality enhances the overall visual experience, making it enjoyable for activities such as watching videos or browsing photos. The vibrant colors add depth to the content, providing users with an immersive viewing experience.

Lenovo Tab P11: Long Battery Life

The long battery life is another positive aspect of the Lenovo Tab P11 (Gen 2). When used for tasks like streaming videos on platforms like YouTube, the tablet can last for extended periods without requiring frequent recharging. This is especially true when the screen is set to a 60Hz refresh rate. The tablet’s impressive battery performance ensures that users can enjoy their favorite media content without interruptions caused by low battery levels.

Lenovo Tab P11: Limited Customer Support

A lack of reliable customer support from Lenovo is indicated by the aforementioned issues, such as the lack of updates and processing lag. These problems seem to persist across various Lenovo products, leading to a lack of confidence in the brand as a whole. While the Lenovo Tab P11 (Gen 2) may offer decent features, the overall experience is hindered by the organization’s subpar support. Potential buyers should consider these aspects before making a purchasing decision, as it may impact their satisfaction with Lenovo products in the long run.


  • The Lenovo Tab P11 (Gen 2) features a nice screen with good colors, providing an enjoyable viewing experience.
  • The tablet has a good battery life, making it suitable for extended periods of streaming or multimedia usage.
  • The Lenovo Tab P11 (Gen 2) offers good value for money, making it an attractive option for those looking for an affordable tablet.


  • Lenovo does not provide system updates as promised, leaving the tablet running on outdated software. This can be frustrating for users who expect regular updates and improvements.
  • The lack of security updates from Lenovo raises concerns about the safety and vulnerability of the tablet. Users may be exposed to potential security risks due to outdated security patches.
  • The tablet experiences processing lag, particularly when performing actions such as swiping from the edge or double-tapping to wake the screen. This can lead to a less smooth and responsive user experience.

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Considering the aforementioned issues, I cannot recommend the Lenovo Tab P11 (Gen 2) – Storm Grey tablet. The lack of system and security updates, along with the noticeable lag and slow charging, greatly hinder the overall user experience. These problems not only affect this particular product but also raise concerns about Lenovo’s overall commitment to customer satisfaction and support. While the tablet does have some positive aspects, such as a nice screen and decent battery life, the lack of reliable support overshadows these benefits. If you are considering purchasing a Lenovo tablet, I suggest exploring other options that prioritize consistent updates and better overall performance.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Are system updates provided for the Lenovo Tab P11 (Gen 2)?

Answer: No, Lenovo has not been providing system updates as promised. This means that the tablet is still running on outdated software.

Question: Is the Lenovo Tab P11 (Gen 2) receiving regular security updates?

Answer: No, Lenovo does not seem to prioritize providing security updates for this tablet. This can be a concern for users who value data security.

Question: Does the Lenovo Tab P11 (Gen 2) suffer from processing lag?

Answer: Yes, there have been reports of processing lag, especially when performing actions like swiping from the edge or double-tapping to wake the screen. This can affect the overall user experience.

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