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Lenovo Tab M8 Review: Pocketable Entertainment with Long Battery Life

With an 8-inch HD display and powerful dual speakers, it aims to provide on-the-go fun for both adults and kids. Additionally, it comes with features like TÜV Eye Care Certification and a privacy dashboard for a safer and more secure user experience. In this review, we will delve into the product’s features and explore the experiences of users who have purchased and used the tablet.

Having purchased the Lenovo Tab M8 (4th Gen) for my family, I can attest to its impressive battery life. The tablet lasted for an entire day of streaming and entertainment on a single charge, making it ideal for long trips or busy days. However, I did notice that the tablet tends to be slow when loading applications, which can be frustrating at times, especially for my kids. Despite this drawback, the tablet has served its purpose well in providing entertainment for the entire family.

Lenovo Tab M8: Pocketable Entertainment

Lenovo Tab M8


Introducing the Lenovo Tab M8 (4th Gen), a sleek and lightweight tablet that delivers portable entertainment for you and your family. With its 8-inch HD display and powerful dual speakers, you can enjoy on-the-go fun anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re watching movies, playing games, or browsing the web, the Tab M8 delivers a vibrant and immersive viewing experience. It’s the perfect companion for long car rides or quiet evenings at home. Get one for each member of your household and enjoy endless entertainment on the go.

Lenovo Tab M8: All Day Fun

Lenovo Tab M8


Experience extended streaming sessions with the Lenovo Tab M8 (4th Gen), thanks to its high-capacity 5100 mAh battery that lasts up to 16 hours on a single charge. This means you can pack full power for your kids to learn and grow during day trips or road trips. No need to worry about running out of battery or finding a power source. The Tab M8 is designed to last all day, so you can keep your kids entertained and engaged wherever you go. It’s the perfect tablet for busy families who are always on the move.

Lenovo Tab M8: Safer Screen Time

Lenovo Tab M8


Safeguard your eyes with the Lenovo Tab M8 (4th Gen), which holds TÜV Eye Care Certification and prioritizes your visual well-being. It reduces harmful blue light emissions, protecting sensitive eyes and ensuring a comfortable viewing experience. You can also turn on Reading Mode for a more realistic and immersive reading experience that lets you read for longer without straining your eyes. With the Tab M8, you can enjoy screen time with peace of mind, knowing that your eyes are protected.

Greater Peace of Mind

Lenovo Tab M8


Take charge of your privacy permissions with the Lenovo Tab M8 (4th Gen) and its privacy dashboard, giving you control over your data access. You can easily control which apps have access to your camera and microphone, giving you greater peace of mind. The tablet also features camera and microphone indicators, so you’ll always know when they’re in use. This added layer of privacy protection ensures that you and your family can use the Tab M8 confidently, without worrying about unauthorized access to your personal information.

Help Your Family Create Better Digital Habits

Lenovo Tab M8


Guide your child’s digital journey on the Lenovo Tab M8 (4th Gen) using the Family Link app from Google, which features robust parental controls. You have the power to manage content, set screen time limits, and more, all from your own device. This allows you to create a safe and controlled environment for your child, ensuring they have a positive and educational experience with their tablet. The Tab M8 is not just a device for entertainment, but also a tool to help your family establish healthy digital habits.

Lenovo Tab M8: Great Value



Get excellent value for your money with the Lenovo Tab M8 (4th Gen), offering top-notch features at an affordable price. With its long battery life, pocketable design, and family-friendly features, it’s a worthwhile investment for anyone in need of a reliable and affordable tablet. Whether you’re looking for a tablet for yourself or for your child, the Tab M8 delivers on performance and functionality without breaking the bank. Upgrade your tablet experience with the Lenovo Tab M8 and enjoy all its features at a great value.


  • Pocketable Entertainment – The Lenovo Tab M8 (4th Gen) features a slim and lightweight design, making it easy to carry and enjoy on the go. Its 8-inch HD display and powerful dual speakers provide immersive entertainment for both kids and adults.
  • All Day Fun – With a 5100 mAh battery, the Tab M8 (4th Gen) can sustain an entire day of use, making it perfect for kids to learn and play on day trips and road trips. You can enjoy up to 16 hours of streaming without worrying about running out of power.
  • Safer Screen Time – The Tab M8 (4th Gen) is TÜV Eye Care Certified, reducing harmful blue light emissions to protect sensitive eyes. It also offers a Reading Mode for a more realistic and immersive reading experience, allowing you to read for longer periods without discomfort.


  • Slow App Loading – Some customers have reported that the Tab M8 (4th Gen) can be slow and takes a long time to load apps. This can be frustrating, especially for users who require quick and responsive performance.
  • Design and Button Placement – A few users have expressed dissatisfaction with the placement of buttons on the Tab M8 (4th Gen), finding it easy to accidentally hit them. The brightness of the screen also tends to randomly turn up and may not turn back down easily.
  • Limited Storage – The Tab M8 (4th Gen) comes with 32GB of storage, which may not be sufficient for users who require a lot of apps, media, and files. However, it does have a mini SD slot for expandable storage.


In conclusion, the Lenovo Tab M8 (4th Gen) offers a pocketable and entertainment-packed experience with its slim design and powerful speakers. Its long-lasting battery ensures uninterrupted fun, making it suitable for both kids and adults. However, the tablet’s slow loading speed may be a downside for some users. Overall, if you are looking for a tablet primarily for reading, the Lenovo Tab M8 (4th Gen) proves to be a great value for the price.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Can the Tab M8 (4th Gen) be used by both kids and adults?

Answer: Yes, the Tab M8 (4th Gen) is designed to be enjoyed by both kids and adults. Its pocketable size, long battery life, and entertainment features make it suitable for on-the-go fun for the whole family.

Question: Is the Tab M8 (4th Gen) suitable for reading ebooks?

Answer: Absolutely! The Tab M8 (4th Gen) is a great option for reading ebooks. It has an 8-inch HD display, which provides a clear and vibrant reading experience. It also has a Reading Mode and is TÜV Eye Care Certified, making it easier on the eyes during extended reading sessions.

Question: Can the Tab M8 (4th Gen) be connected to a smartphone?

Answer: Yes, the Tab M8 (4th Gen) can be paired with an Android phone. It can connect to your phone through apps or act as a hotspot. This allows you to view content on a larger screen and take advantage of the tablet’s better battery life for extended use. However, it does not have cellular capabilities on its own.