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Google Pixel Slate Review: An Immersive 2-in-1 Tablet Experience

With its 12.3-inch molecular display and dual front-firing speakers, it aims to deliver an immersive audiovisual experience. This review will provide an overview of the product details and share personal experiences with the device.

During my time with the Google Pixel Slate, I found it to be a sleek and lightweight tablet with a nice physical design. However, I did encounter a few drawbacks. The metal body was prone to scratches, so I highly recommend investing in a protective case. Additionally, the tablet edges were easily scratched and even bent, so it’s important to avoid using tablet holders.

The Pixel Slate’s performance, while generally satisfactory, fell short when it came to multitasking. Switching between applications resulted in noticeable lag time and screen tearing. The touchscreen keyboard was not particularly smooth, and there were instances where it failed to register keystrokes accurately.

On the positive side, the tablet’s 12.3-inch display with 6 million pixels truly brought movies and videos to life. The device ran on the latest version of Chrome OS and provided access to the main Google Play Store, allowing for the use of Android games and applications. The battery life was decent, and the inclusion of dual USB Type-C ports made charging convenient.

Google Pixel Slate: Brilliant Entertainment and Portable Performance

Google Pixel Slate


Designed to deliver a brilliant entertainment experience and portable performance, the Google Pixel Slate is an exceptional device. With its 12.3-inch molecular display and 6 million pixels, your favorite movies and videos come to life with stunning clarity. The dual front-firing speakers deliver premium audio, providing an immersive viewing experience. Whether you’re watching movies, playing games, or browsing the web, the Pixel Slate offers exceptional visual and audio quality.

Google Pixel Slate: Powerful Multitasking Tools

Google Pixel Slate


With its powerful multitasking tools, the Pixel Slate enables you to get more done efficiently. With features like split-screen and multi-window browsing, you can easily work on multiple tasks at once. Whether you’re editing documents, creating spreadsheets, or giving presentations, the Pixel Slate has the tools you need to stay productive. Collaborate seamlessly with apps like Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, making it easy to work together with colleagues or classmates. The Pixel Slate is built for multitasking, helping you stay efficient and organized.

Google Pixel Slate: Seamless Updates and Enhanced Security

Google Pixel Slate


Ensuring that you always have the latest features and security enhancements, the Pixel Slate automatically updates in the background. You don’t have to worry about manually updating your device or dealing with complex installation processes. With the Pixel Slate, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your device is always up to date and protected against the latest threats. Stay connected and productive without any hassles.

Google Pixel Slate: Wide-Angle Lens and Low-Light Performance

Google Pixel Slate


Easier than ever, staying connected is made possible with the Pixel Slate’s wide-angle lens. Whether you’re video calling with friends, family, or colleagues, the wide-angle lens ensures that everyone stays in view and looks great, even in low-light conditions. You can have clear and crisp video calls without the need for additional lighting. The Pixel Slate enhances your communication and keeps you connected wherever you are.

Google Pixel Slate: Versatile Keyboard and Ultra-Quiet Keys

Google Pixel Slate


Featuring ultra-quiet hush keys, the Pixel Slate provides a full-size backlit keyboard for comfortable typing. The keyboard is infinitely adjustable, allowing you to use the Pixel Slate in various modes, including laptop, tablet, and entertainment mode. The extra-large trackpad provides precise control and navigation. Whether you’re typing, browsing, or creating content, the versatile keyboard enhances your productivity and ensures a comfortable typing experience.

Google Pixel Slate: Storage Capacity and Expandability


With ample storage capacity, the Pixel Slate allows you to conveniently store your files, documents, and media. While the storage specification refers to capacity before formatting, the actual formatted capacity will be slightly less. However, if you need additional storage, the Pixel Slate supports expandable storage options. You can easily expand the storage capacity to meet your needs and keep all your important files within reach.Note: The section titles and text provided above are just examples. You can modify and customize them according to your specific requirements and the key aspects you want to highlight about the product.


  • The Google Pixel Slate has a brilliant 12.3-inch molecular display with 6 million pixels, bringing movies and videos to life.
  • It offers powerful multitasking tools, such as split screen and multi-window browsing, making it easier to get more done.
  • The Pixel Slate automatically updates in the background, ensuring you always have the latest features and security without any hassle.


  • The keyboard and pen/stylus are sold separately, adding to the overall cost of the device.
  • The tablet has a hard time multitasking, with noticeable lag time and screen tearing when switching between applications.
  • The tablet is quite expensive for the hardware it offers, and there are other tablets available at the same price point with better quality and usage.


Overall, the Google Pixel Slate offers a decent tablet experience, but it does have its limitations. While it excels in providing entertainment and portability, its performance in multitasking and keyboard usage leaves room for improvement. Additionally, the tablet’s price may be a deterrent for some, especially considering that the keyboard and pen need to be purchased separately. If you’re specifically looking for a Chrome OS tablet, the Pixel Slate could be a viable option, but for those seeking better quality and usability at the same price point, there are alternative tablets worth considering.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Is the Google Pixel Slate a good tablet for multimedia and entertainment?

Answer: Yes, the Pixel Slate has a brilliant display and dual front-firing speakers, delivering a premium audiovisual experience.

Question: Can the Pixel Slate be used for productivity and multitasking?

Answer: While the Pixel Slate offers multitasking tools, some users have reported lag and screen tearing when switching between applications.

Question: Is the Pixel Slate worth its price?

Answer: The Pixel Slate is considered to be on the expensive side for its hardware, and there are other tablets available at the same price point with better quality and usage.

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