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Garmin Venu Review: Impressive Battery Life and Comprehensive Fitness Tracking

With the ability to download music and animated workouts, it offers a comprehensive fitness tracking experience. In this review, we will explore the battery life, fitness tracking capabilities, and overall user experience of the Garmin Venu.

After using the Garmin Venu for over a month, I am thoroughly impressed with its battery life. Depending on usage, I can easily go five to seven days without needing to charge the watch. I particularly appreciate the option to turn off certain features, such as the heart rate monitor, to extend battery life further. The Garmin Dashboard app provides an intuitive interface for tracking workouts and steps, and the weekly step challenge adds a fun competitive element. The virtual coach feature has been invaluable in helping me train for a 5k, providing varied and effective workouts. Syncing activities with Strava and Nike Plus is seamless, allowing me to analyze my performance in detail.

The notifications on the Garmin Venu are prompt and easy to manage, and I appreciate the ability to answer calls directly from my watch when connected via Bluetooth. The music feature is convenient, with the ability to download songs from Amazon Music or transfer mp3 files. However, I did notice that playing music directly from the watch drains the battery faster, so I prefer using my phone for music during outdoor runs.

Garmin Venu: Battery Life and Usage

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With an impressive battery life, lasting up to five days in smartwatch mode and up to six hours in GPS and music mode, the Garmin Venu boasts exceptional longevity. Several factors can affect battery life, such as using the heart rate monitor, playing music directly from the watch, and receiving notifications. Users have reported that with moderate usage, they can get between 5 to 7 days of battery life. It is important to note that battery life may vary depending on individual usage patterns. Overall, the Garmin Venu offers excellent battery performance, allowing users to enjoy its features without constantly worrying about recharging.

Garmin Venu: Fitness Tracking and Coaching

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Ideal for active individuals, the Garmin Venu comes equipped with a wide range of fitness tracking features, making it the perfect companion. It offers all-day health monitoring, including tracking energy levels, respiration, menstrual cycle, stress, sleep, and estimated heart rate. Additionally, it provides over 20 preloaded GPS and indoor sports apps, such as yoga, running, and pool swimming. One standout feature is the animated workouts, which provide easy-to-follow cardio, strength, yoga, and Pilates workouts directly on the watch screen. Users can also utilize the virtual coach feature to follow personalized training plans for various activities. With its comprehensive fitness tracking capabilities, the Garmin Venu helps users stay motivated and achieve their fitness goals.

Garmin Venu: Music and Connectivity

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Users of the Garmin Venu can conveniently download songs to their watch, thanks to its music features. It is compatible with popular music streaming platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music, and Deezer (may require a premium subscription with a third-party music provider). Users can connect their headphones (sold separately) directly to the watch for a phone-free listening experience. This feature is particularly useful for workouts or runs, as it eliminates the need to carry a smartphone. The Garmin Venu also offers seamless connectivity with smartphones, both iPhone and Android, allowing users to receive notifications and control various functions directly from their wrist.

Garmin Venu: Design and Comfort

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Providing clear visibility even in bright sunlight, the Garmin Venu features a beautiful and bright AMOLED display. Its sleek design resembles a traditional watch, making it suitable for everyday wear. The watch is lightweight and comfortable, ensuring a pleasant wearing experience throughout the day. Users have the option to customize the watch face, with a wide selection of downloadable watch faces available. Additionally, the Garmin Venu offers interchangeable straps, allowing users to switch between different styles for various occasions. With its attractive design and comfortable fit, the Garmin Venu combines functionality with fashion.

Garmin Venu: GPS Accuracy and Tracking

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For accurate tracking of outdoor activities such as running, cycling, and hiking, the Garmin Venu utilizes GPS technology. Users have reported that the GPS tracking is reliable and provides accurate distance and pace measurements. The watch also offers the ability to view the route on a map and provides detailed statistics about speed, elevation gain, and heart rate. This feature is particularly useful for those who enjoy exploring new routes or want to monitor their progress during outdoor activities. With its precise GPS tracking capabilities, the Garmin Venu ensures users can confidently track their workouts and outdoor adventures.

Garmin Ecosystem and Additional Features

With a comprehensive ecosystem, the Garmin Venu offers users a wide range of additional features to enhance their experience. Users have access to numerous downloadable watch faces, allowing for customization and personalization. The watch also supports various apps, expanding its functionality beyond fitness tracking. Users can control their music directly from the watch and enjoy a seamless integration with popular music platforms. Additionally, the Garmin Venu offers features like Garmin Pay for convenient contactless payments. With its extensive ecosystem and additional features, the Garmin Venu enhances the overall user experience and provides versatility beyond just a fitness tracker.


  • Beautiful, bright amoled display and up to five-day battery life in smartwatch mode; Up to six hours in GPS and music mode.
  • The broadest range of all-day health monitoring features keeps track of your energy levels, respiration, menstrual cycle, stress, sleep, estimated heart rate and more.
  • Easily download songs to your watch, including playlists from Spotify, Amazon music or Deezer (may require a premium subscription With a third-party music provider), and connect with headphones (sold separately) for phone-free listening.


  • The inability to manually pause workouts can be frustrating for some users.
  • The battery life can be significantly reduced when using GPS and oxygen sensors continuously.
  • Sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring may not be entirely accurate.


Overall, the Garmin Venu is a solid mid-tier smartwatch that delivers on its promises. The battery life is impressive, and the fitness tracking features are accurate and comprehensive. The interface is user-friendly, although there may be a slight learning curve when it comes to navigating certain options on the touchscreen. With its stylish design and customizable watch faces, the Garmin Venu is suitable for both everyday wear and active lifestyles. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and feature-packed smartwatch.

Questions & Answers:

Question: How long does the battery last?

Answer: In smartwatch mode, the battery can last up to five days. However, when using GPS and music mode, the battery life is reduced to around six hours.

Question: Can I download songs from streaming platforms like Pandora?

Answer: No, you cannot stream music from apps like Pandora. However, you can download mp3 files of your music and play them directly from the watch.

Question: Is the sleep tracking feature accurate?

Answer: The sleep tracking feature may not be entirely accurate as it may not detect periods of wakefulness during the night. However, it can still provide a general idea of your sleep patterns.

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