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Realme 9 Review: Experience the Power and Brilliance

The realme 9, a global unlocked smartphone with impressive features and specifications, supports 4G LTE. With its powerful Snapdragon 680 processor, 108MP AI triple camera, and 90Hz Super AMOLED display, this phone promises an exceptional user experience. However, it’s important to note that this device is not compatible with networks in the USA.

During my time with the realme 9, I was amazed by its stunning display and smooth performance. The 90Hz Super AMOLED screen offered vibrant colors and excellent clarity, making videos and games a delight to watch. The Snapdragon 680 processor handled multitasking effortlessly, and I experienced no lag or slowdowns.

The highlight of this phone is undoubtedly its 108MP AI triple camera setup. The primary camera with a Samsung HM6 sensor delivered impressive image quality, capturing intricate details and vibrant colors. The 4cm macro camera and 120° super-wide camera expanded my creative possibilities, allowing me to explore close-up shots and wide-angle landscapes.

The 33W Dart Charge support was a game-changer for me. With fast charging capabilities, I could quickly replenish the battery and continue using the phone throughout the day. The inclusion of a fast car charger in the bundle was a convenient addition for on-the-go charging.

Realme 9: Global Unlocked Worldwide Compatibility

Its global unlocked compatibility is one of the key aspects of the realme 9 4G LTE (128GB+8GB). This means that the phone can be used in various countries around the world, allowing users to easily switch between different networks and enjoy uninterrupted connectivity. With dual SIM capability and support for multiple bands, including TD-LTE and LTE FDD, the realme 9 offers reliable and fast 4G LTE connectivity wherever you go. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you can stay connected and enjoy seamless communication with this global unlocked smartphone.

Realme 9: Powerful Snapdragon 680 Processor

Smooth performance and efficient multitasking are ensured by the powerful Snapdragon 680 processor equipped in the realme 9. With its 6nm process and octa-core architecture, the CPU delivers fast and responsive computing power. The Cortex-A73 cores clocked at 2.4GHz provide high-speed processing, while the Cortex-A53 cores clocked at 1.9GHz handle less demanding tasks, optimizing power efficiency. Additionally, the phone’s Adreno 610 GPU enhances graphics performance, allowing you to enjoy visually stunning games and videos on its 90Hz Super AMOLED display.

Stunning 90Hz Super AMOLED Display

Providing a smooth and immersive visual experience, the realme 9 features a stunning 90Hz Super AMOLED display. With a screen size of 6.4 inches and a resolution of FHD+ 1080×2400, the display offers sharp and vibrant visuals with excellent color reproduction. The 90Hz refresh rate ensures smooth scrolling and responsiveness, making every interaction with the phone feel fluid and seamless. The high touch sampling rate of 360Hz further enhances the overall touch experience, allowing for precise and accurate input.

108MP AI Triple Camera System

The realme 9’s 108MP AI triple camera system allows you to capture every moment in stunning detail. The main camera features a 108MP ProLight sensor with a large 1/1.67-inch size, delivering exceptional clarity and sharpness in every shot. The 6P lens and f/1.75 aperture further enhance image quality, ensuring bright and well-exposed photos even in low-light conditions. The 4cm macro camera and 120° super-wide camera expand your creative possibilities, allowing you to capture close-up details and wide-angle landscapes with ease. With a wide range of photography software features, including Night Mode, Panoramic view, and AI Scene Recognition, the realme 9 empowers you to unleash your creativity and capture stunning photos.

Realme 9: 33W Dart Charge Support

With the realme 9’s 33W Dart Charge support, you can forget about long charging times. This fast charging technology enables you to quickly recharge your phone, ensuring that you spend less time waiting and more time using your device. The USB Type-C port allows for convenient charging, and the phone also supports reverse charging, allowing you to use it as a power bank to charge other devices. With the realme 9, you can stay powered up and ready for anything.

Realme 9: Advanced Sensors and Navigation

Enhancing your overall smartphone experience, the realme 9 is equipped with advanced sensors and navigation features. The under-display optical fingerprint sensor provides fast and secure unlocking, ensuring that only you have access to your device. Other sensors, such as the accelerometer, gyro, proximity, and compass, enable a range of functionalities and enhance the phone’s usability. Additionally, the phone supports navigation systems like BeiDou, Galileo, GLONASS, and GPS, ensuring accurate positioning and reliable navigation wherever you are.These key aspects of the realme 9 4G LTE (128GB+8GB) highlight its global compatibility, powerful performance, stunning display, advanced camera system, fast charging support, and enhanced sensors and navigation. With these features, the realme 9 offers a comprehensive and impressive smartphone experience for users around the world.


  • Unlocked Worldwide
  • High-resolution camera with multiple lenses
  • Fast charging capability


  • Not compatible with USA networks
  • Limited number of reviews
  • May not have all the features and functionality of a flagship phone


In conclusion, the realme 9 4G LTE offers an exceptional smartphone experience with its powerful processor, high-resolution camera, and immersive display. However, it’s important to note that this device is not compatible with networks in the USA. If you’re looking for a feature-packed global unlocked phone, the realme 9 is definitely worth considering. Its impressive specifications and affordable price make it a compelling choice for smartphone enthusiasts.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Can I use this phone in the USA?

Answer: No, this phone is not compatible with USA networks. It is designed for use in other parts of the world.

Question: How is the camera quality?

Answer: The phone has a 108MP AI Triple Camera with multiple lenses, allowing for high-resolution photos and various photography modes.

Question: Does it support fast charging?

Answer: Yes, the phone supports 33W Dart Charge, which enables fast charging.

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