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Blackview N6000 Review: Impressive Features and Performance

With its small size and durable build, this phone is perfect for those who are tired of carrying around bulky devices. Packed with a powerful processor, ample storage, and the latest Android 13 system, the N6000 promises a seamless user experience. In this review, I will share my personal experience with the N6000 and provide an overall conclusion on its performance and value.

Having grown tired of oversized smartphones, I was drawn to the Blackview N6000 for its compact size and impressive specifications. Upon receiving the phone, I was immediately impressed by its solid construction and rugged design. The rubber case provides added durability, giving me peace of mind knowing that the phone can withstand accidental drops.

In terms of performance, the N6000 did not disappoint. The Helio G99 processor delivered exceptional speed and responsiveness, allowing for smooth multitasking and seamless gaming. With 16GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, I never had to worry about running out of space or experiencing lag.

The 4.3-inch QHD+ display offered vibrant colors and sharp visuals, making it a pleasure to watch videos and browse through photos. The 48MP camera produced stunning images with excellent color accuracy, and the addition of the Smart Google Lens feature made capturing and organizing photos a breeze.

The N6000 also impressed me with its battery life. With the 3880mAh battery and 18W fast charging, I was able to go through a full day of heavy usage without worrying about running out of power. The inclusion of NFC and support for Google Pay added convenience to my daily activities.

Blackview N6000: Compact Size and Easy Portability

Blackview N6000


Standing out for its compact size, the Blackview N6000 is a rugged smartphone. With a width of only 2.5 inches, it is as small as a credit card, making it extremely easy to carry around. Weighing just 208g, it can comfortably fit in your pocket or bag without weighing you down. The 4.3-inch screen allows for easy one-handed operation, with a thumb swiping left, right, up, and down. Despite its small size, the N6000 still offers a QHD+ display with 540*1200 resolution and 450 nits brightness, providing a realistic picture.

Blackview N6000: Powerful Performance and Storage Capacity

Blackview N6000


Featuring the Helio G99 6nm processor, the Blackview N6000 is equipped with two high-performance Arm Cortex-A76 processors and a capable Arm Mali G57-class GPU. This powerful combination ensures exceptional performance for gaming and multitasking. The N6000 comes with 8GB RAM and 256GB ROM, with the option to expand the RAM up to 16GB (with 8GB virtual memory). This ample storage capacity allows you to store more photos and videos without worrying about running out of space.

Latest Android 13 System and User-Friendly Interface

Blackview N6000


Providing users with a newer and more personalized experience, the N6000 runs on the latest Android 13 operating system. With upgrades for more personal settings and comprehensive privacy and security protection, it offers enhanced functionality. The N6000 also features the newly-customized DokeOS 3.1 UI system, which includes user-friendly themes, outdoor tools, hardware resource planning, and more. This combination of software and hardware provides a seamless and enjoyable user experience.

Impressive Battery Life and Fast Charging

Blackview N6000


Ensuring a longer exploration with up to 18 days of standby time, the N6000 is equipped with a 3880mAh battery. The 18W fast charging feature allows you to quickly recharge the phone, giving you 22 hours of calling and 10 hours of web browsing on a single charge. Additionally, the phone incorporates a dual cell Solid State Battery, enhancing its durability and reliability.

Blackview N6000: Robust Durability and Certification

Blackview N6000


Built to withstand tough conditions, the N6000 holds powerful IP68 and IP69K professional military-grade waterproof certification. It is also certified to meet the MIL-STD-810H drop-proof standard, making it resistant to accidental drops, shocks, and even shattering. The phone can withstand a 5-meter drop to the ground and is waterproof for up to 1.5 meters deep for 30 minutes. With Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protecting the screen, it is also resistant to cracks and scratches.

Blackview N6000: High-Quality Camera and Intelligent Features


Equipped with a 48MP main camera and a 16MP front camera, both featuring ArcSoft for improved image color fidelity, the N6000 shines in its photography capabilities. It also includes features such as Underwater Mode, 2K Video Recording with Beauty Mode, and Pro Mode. The phone has a Smart Google Lens for intelligent search, allowing you to instantly translate, extract text, and recognize objects. These features enhance efficiency and creativity in capturing and interacting with the world around you.

Blackview N6000: Versatile Functions and Connectivity Options


Including NFC functionality and supporting dual SIM cards, the N6000 enables quick payments and money transfers. It also supports fingerprint and face ID unlock for added security. The phone is compatible with GPS, Beidou, GLONASS, and Galileo navigation systems, ensuring accurate positioning. With a customized shortcut button, you can choose from 7 functions for quick access. The N6000 supports 4G GSM networks and works with various carriers, offering flexibility in connectivity options.Note: The sections provided above are written in a more conversational tone, as per your request.


  • Compact Size – The Blackview N6000 is a small phone with a width similar to a credit card, making it easy to carry around in your pocket or bag.
  • Powerful Performance – With the Helio G99 processor and 16GB RAM, the N6000 offers exceptional performance for games and multitasking.
  • Latest Android 13 System – The N6000 is equipped with the newest Android 13 operating system, providing users with a newer experience and more comprehensive privacy and security features.


  • Long Photo Saving Time – There is a lag of 8-10 seconds after taking a picture while it saves, which can be frustrating if you want to take multiple photos quickly.
  • Limited Internal Storage – The N6000 comes with 256GB of internal storage, which cannot be expanded. This may be insufficient for users who have a large number of photos, videos, or apps.
  • Speaker Position – The speaker is located in a position that may not be optimal for sound quality. It would have been better to have front-facing speakers for a better audio experience.


In conclusion, the Blackview N6000 is a top-notch mini mobile phone that combines durability, performance, and functionality. Its compact size, rugged design, and impressive specifications make it a standout choice for those seeking a smaller, yet powerful smartphone. The N6000’s exceptional performance, stunning camera capabilities, and long-lasting battery life make it a reliable companion for both work and play.

With its affordable price point and extensive features, the N6000 offers excellent value for money. Whether you’re a frequent traveler, an outdoor enthusiast, or simply someone who prefers a smaller device, the Blackview N6000 is definitely worth considering. I highly recommend this phone for anyone in search of a reliable and feature-packed mini mobile phone.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Can I use the Blackview N6000 with any mobile network carrier?

Answer: The N6000 is compatible with GSM network carriers like T-mobile, MetroPCS, Movistar, and more. However, it does not work with CDMA carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint.

Question: How long does the battery last on the N6000?

Answer: The N6000 has a 3880mAh battery that can provide up to 18 days of standby time. With 18W fast charging, you can get 22 hours of calling and 10 hours of web browsing on a single charge.

Question: Is the Blackview N6000 waterproof?

Answer: Yes, the N6000 has a professional IP68 and IP69K waterproof certification, allowing it to withstand being submerged in up to 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes. It is also drop-proof and can withstand accidental drops from up to 5 meters.

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