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Verefa Robot Vacuum Review: Efficient Cleaning with V60 Pro

With planned-path navigation, Wi-Fi connectivity, and a sleek design, this vacuum seems to have it all. In this review, I will share my personal experience with this product and provide my overall conclusion.

I was initially drawn to the Verefa V60 Pro due to its self-emptying feature and strong suction power of 3200Pa. The vacuum did live up to its claims when it came to cleaning performance. It effortlessly picked up dirt, debris, and even pet hair from my floors. The variable suction strengths were a great addition, allowing me to adjust the cleaning power according to my needs.

However, I did encounter an issue with the self-emptying option. It stopped working after a while, but after contacting the seller and going through a lengthy process, I eventually received a replacement that worked properly. This inconvenience slightly affected my overall experience with the product.

Additionally, the vacuum’s planned-path navigation was impressive. It efficiently maneuvered around my home, avoiding obstacles and ensuring thorough cleaning. The mapping feature, along with the ability to customize the cleaning area using the app, was a standout feature for me. The battery life was also commendable, allowing the vacuum to clean a large area before needing to be recharged.

Verefa Robot Vacuum: Efficient Cleaning Performance

Verefa Robot Vacuum


Offering exceptional cleaning performance, the Verefa Robot Vacuum Self Emptying, also known as the V60 Pro, stands out. With its powerful 3200Pa suction, it effectively picks up dirt, debris, and even pet hair from various surfaces. Whether you have hard floors or carpets, this robot vacuum can tackle them all, leaving your home spotless. The variable suction strengths allow you to customize the cleaning power based on your needs, ensuring efficient and thorough cleaning every time.

Verefa Robot Vacuum: User-Friendly Features

Verefa Robot Vacuum


Designed with user convenience in mind, the V60 Pro is a remarkable device. It features planned-path navigation, which means it follows a predetermined cleaning route to ensure every corner of your home is covered. This eliminates the need for manual intervention and ensures a more efficient cleaning process. Additionally, the ultra-slim design allows the robot vacuum to reach under furniture and other hard-to-reach areas with ease. With Wi-Fi connectivity and the accompanying app and remote control, you can easily control and monitor the cleaning process from anywhere in your home.

Sleek and Stylish Design

Verefa Robot Vacuum


With its sleek and stylish design, the V60 Pro distinguishes itself from other robotic vacuums on the market. Its white color gives it a modern and minimalist look, blending seamlessly with any home decor. This is a refreshing change from the typical darker-colored robot vacuums that can be visually distracting. The V60 Pro not only cleans your floors effectively but also adds a touch of elegance to your living space.

Verefa Robot Vacuum: Impressive Battery Life

Verefa Robot Vacuum


Impressive battery life is one of the standout features of the V60 Pro. It can clean an area of nearly 1200 square feet in less than 2 hours, with power left to spare. This means you won’t have to worry about the robot vacuum running out of battery before completing its cleaning cycle. The long battery life ensures that your entire home can be cleaned in one go, saving you time and effort.

Self Emptying for Convenience

Verefa Robot Vacuum


A game-changer for busy individuals, the self-emptying feature of the V60 Pro is highly appreciated. It eliminates the hassle of manually emptying the dustbin after each cleaning session. The robot vacuum automatically empties the collected dirt and debris into a designated receptacle, allowing it to continue cleaning without interruption. This feature is especially beneficial for those with a busy lifestyle, as it reduces maintenance and ensures continuous cleaning performance.

Verefa Robot Vacuum: Overall Customer Satisfaction


Customers who have experienced its cleaning prowess have given positive reviews to the V60 Pro. Users appreciate its efficient cleaning performance, user-friendly features, and stylish design. While some customers have encountered minor issues, the overall satisfaction with the product remains high. The Verefa brand has also shown excellent customer support, promptly addressing any concerns and providing satisfactory resolutions.In conclusion, the Verefa Robot Vacuum Self Emptying, V60 Pro, offers efficient cleaning performance, user-friendly features, a sleek design, impressive battery life, and the convenience of self-emptying. With its positive customer reviews and excellent customer support, it is a reliable choice for those looking for a high-quality robotic vacuum cleaner.


  • Great Cleaning Performance – Many reviewers mentioned that the Verefa Robot Vacuum has impressive suction power and effectively picks up dirt and debris.
  • Self Emptying Feature – The self emptying feature of this vacuum is highly praised by users. It saves them the hassle of frequent emptying and makes it convenient for those with busy lifestyles.
  • Planned-Path Navigation – The planned-path navigation system allows the vacuum to efficiently clean the entire area without missing any spots. Users appreciate the thorough cleaning it provides.


  • Connectivity Issues – One user mentioned having difficulty syncing the vacuum with their phone and had to seek assistance from their internet provider. This could be a potential drawback for those who prefer easy setup and connectivity.
  • Limited Coverage – Some reviewers noted that the vacuum had difficulty navigating larger areas and tended to stay within a small vicinity. This could be a limitation for those looking for a vacuum to clean larger spaces.
  • Lack of Replacement Vacuum Bags – A user mentioned having trouble finding replacement vacuum bags for this model. This could be inconvenient for those who prefer using disposable bags.


In conclusion, the Verefa V60 Pro offers a great cleaning experience with its strong suction power, planned-path navigation, and customizable cleaning options. While the self-emptying feature did present some initial issues, the customer service provided by the seller was satisfactory in resolving the problem.

Overall, if you are looking for a robotic vacuum cleaner that can efficiently clean your hard floors and carpets, the Verefa V60 Pro is definitely worth considering. Its sleek design and advanced features make it a valuable addition to any household cleaning routine.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Is the suction power of the Verefa Robot Vacuum impressive?

Answer: Yes, many users have praised the vacuum for its powerful suction and its ability to effectively pick up dirt and debris.

Question: How convenient is the self emptying feature?

Answer: The self emptying feature is highly convenient, as it saves users the hassle of frequent emptying and is especially helpful for those with busy lifestyles.

Question: Can the vacuum efficiently clean larger areas?

Answer: Some users have mentioned that the vacuum may have difficulty navigating larger areas and tends to stay within a small vicinity.

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