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Shark AV753 ION Review: Experience Powerful Cleaning with the Robot Vacuum

With its tri-brush system, intelligent cliff sensors, and WiFi connectivity, this vacuum is designed to handle debris on both carpets and hard floors. In this review, I will share my personal experience with the Shark AV753 and provide an overall conclusion.

I recently purchased the Shark AV753 ION Robot Vacuum during a sale and have been using it for about two weeks. I must say, I am impressed with its performance. As a pet owner, I was concerned about its ability to handle pet hair, but it does a fantastic job of picking up all the fur from my floors. The vacuum has three cleaning modes – regular cleaning, maximum clean, and docking – making it versatile for different cleaning needs.

One of the features I appreciate the most is the SharkClean app, which allows me to control the vacuum from my phone. I can easily start and stop cleaning sessions and even schedule the robot to clean at specific times. Additionally, I can use voice control through Amazon Alexa to command the vacuum, providing even more convenience.

The vacuum has a runtime of 120 minutes, which is sufficient for cleaning my entire home. It navigates around furniture and avoids obstacles with its intelligent cliff sensors, preventing any accidental damage. The robot always finds its way back to the charging dock after completing its cleaning cycle, ensuring that it is ready for the next use.

Shark AV753 ION: Tri-Brush System for Powerful Cleaning

Shark AV753 ION


The Tri-Brush System is one key aspect of the Shark AV753 ION Robot Vacuum. This system combines side brushes, channel brushes, and a multi-surface brushroll to effectively handle debris on both carpets and hard floors. The side brushes help to sweep dirt and dust into the path of the main brushroll, while the channel brushes work to agitate and lift stubborn dirt and pet hair. With this powerful combination, the Shark AV753 ION Robot Vacuum ensures a thorough and efficient cleaning performance on all types of surfaces.

Intelligent Cliff Sensors for Avoiding Obstacles

Shark AV753 ION


Its intelligent cliff sensors are another important feature of the Shark AV753 ION Robot Vacuum. These sensors allow the robot to detect ledges and stairs, helping it to avoid bumping into furniture and walls or falling off edges. This ensures that the robot moves smoothly and safely around your home, without causing any damage or getting stuck in tight spaces. With the intelligent cliff sensors, you can trust that the Shark AV753 ION Robot Vacuum will navigate your home with ease and precision.

Shark AV753 ION: Convenient Cleaning from Your Phone

Shark AV753 ION


Cleaning from your phone is offered by the Shark AV753 ION Robot Vacuum. With the SharkClean app, you can easily start and stop cleaning cycles, as well as schedule your robot to clean whenever you want. This means you can control and monitor your robot vacuum from anywhere, whether you’re at home or on the go. The app also allows for easy integration with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, enabling voice control for a truly hands-free cleaning experience. With the Shark AV753 ION Robot Vacuum, cleaning has never been more convenient.

Shark AV753 ION: Long Runtime for Whole-Home Cleaning

Shark AV753 ION


Extended cleaning power for your entire home is provided by the Shark AV753 ION Robot Vacuum, with a 120-minute runtime. Whether you have a small apartment or a large house, this robot vacuum can handle the job without needing frequent recharging. You can trust that the Shark AV753 ION Robot Vacuum will keep your floors clean and fresh for up to 2 hours, allowing you to focus on other tasks or simply relax while it takes care of the cleaning.

Shark AV753 ION: Rigorous Testing for Reliability

Shark AV753 ION


The Shark AV753 ION Robot Vacuum has been built, tested, and perfected to ensure a high-quality cleaning performance, ensuring reliability. Shark puts their robots through rigorous testing, performing thousands of hours of real-life use to ensure that they can deliver an ultra-powerful clean. You can have peace of mind knowing that the Shark AV753 ION Robot Vacuum has been thoroughly tested and proven to be reliable and efficient in tackling your cleaning needs.

Shark AV753 ION: What’s Included and Final Thoughts


In the box, you’ll find the Shark ION Robot Vacuum, a charging dock, two side brushes, and one filter. This comprehensive package provides everything you need to get started with your robot vacuuming experience. Overall, the Shark AV753 ION Robot Vacuum offers a powerful and convenient cleaning solution for your home. With its Tri-Brush System, intelligent cliff sensors, easy app control, long runtime, and rigorous testing, this robot vacuum is a must-have for those seeking a reliable and efficient cleaning companion.


  • The Shark AV753 ION Robot Vacuum has a Tri-Brush System that effectively handles debris on carpets and hard floors.
  • It features Intelligent Cliff Sensors, which prevent the robot from falling off ledges or stairs and avoids bumping into furniture and walls.
  • The SharkClean app allows you to control the robot vacuum from your phone, start and stop cleaning, and schedule cleaning sessions.


  • The WiFi phone app for the Shark AV753 ION Robot Vacuum could be more user-friendly and reliable.
  • The robot vacuum wanders aimlessly and may take longer to clean certain areas due to its random pattern.
  • It may have difficulty navigating thick rugs, thin bath mats, and power cords, requiring manual intervention.

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In conclusion, the Shark AV753 ION Robot Vacuum is a must-have cleaning tool for any household. It offers powerful cleaning capabilities, easy control through the SharkClean app, and compatibility with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa. With its long runtime and intelligent navigation, it provides a reliable and efficient cleaning experience. While the WiFi app can be improved for better user experience, overall, I am extremely satisfied with the performance of this robot vacuum.

Questions & Answers:

Question: How long does the battery last on the Shark AV753 ION Robot Vacuum?

Answer: The robot vacuum has a 120-minute runtime, providing up to 2 hours of cleaning.

Question: Does the Shark AV753 ION Robot Vacuum automatically return to its dock?

Answer: Yes, after completing its cleaning cycle or when prompted, the robot vacuum will automatically return to its charging dock.

Question: Can the Shark AV753 ION Robot Vacuum be controlled using voice commands?

Answer: Yes, you can use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to easily control the robot vacuum with voice commands in your connected home.

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