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OBODE Robot Vacuum Review: A8, Powerful Vacuum and Mop Combo

The OBODE Robot Vacuum, specifically the A8 model, is a powerful cleaning solution that offers advanced features such as intelligent mop lifting, LiDAR navigation, and customized cleaning with multiple maps. With a runtime of 180 minutes and centimeter-accurate obstacle avoidance, this vacuum is designed to provide efficient and thorough cleaning. In this review, we will explore the product features and share our personal experiences with the OBODE A8.

Having purchased the OBODE A8 during a Black Friday deal, I was pleasantly surprised by its performance. The setup process was fairly simple, and it came with clear instructions for charging. Although it took a few tries to position it correctly on the dock, once it started cleaning, it did a remarkable job. The suction power was impressive, especially in dealing with pet hair. I appreciated the intelligent mop lifting feature, which prevented the carpets from getting wet. However, it did get stuck a few times near table feet, requiring manual adjustments. Overall, the time-saving aspect and the excellent cleaning capabilities left a positive impression.

OBODE Robot Vacuum: Intelligent Mop Lifting

OBODE Robot Vacuum


Its intelligent mop lifting feature is one key aspect of the OBODE A8 Robot Vacuum and mop Combo. This innovative technology allows the vacuum cleaner to automatically lift the back plate that holds the mop when it detects carpets. By lifting the mop off the ground, the A8 prevents carpets from getting wet, ensuring they remain clean and dry. Additionally, the mop pad is lifted in the docking station to air dry, helping to prevent any odors. This feature not only ensures effective cleaning but also takes care of the maintenance and longevity of both the vacuum and your carpets.

OBODE Robot Vacuum: LiDAR Navigation

OBODE Robot Vacuum


LiDAR navigation combined with line laser sensor processing is utilized by the A8 Robot Vacuum and mop Combo. This advanced technology allows the vacuum cleaner to accurately calculate its physical location inside your home, even in the dark. With precise mapping and positioning capabilities, the A8 ensures efficient and effective cleaning by following the most time-efficient and energy-saving path. Say goodbye to random cleaning paths and unnecessary bumps. The LiDAR navigation system ensures that the A8 is always on the right track, providing a seamless cleaning experience.

Customized Cleaning with Multiple Maps

OBODE Robot Vacuum


Its ability to store maps for up to 3 floors is another key feature of the A8 Vacuum Robot with Mapping. This means you can customize the cleaning preferences for each floor in your home, saving you time and effort. With multiple maps, you no longer have to go through the mapping process every time you change floors. Whether you have different flooring types or specific cleaning requirements for each floor, the A8 robot vacuum allows you to have the power and control in your hands. Enjoy a truly personalized cleaning experience with the A8.

OBODE Robot Vacuum: 180 Minutes Runtime

OBODE Robot Vacuum


The A8 robotic vacuum can clean for up to 180 minutes on a full charge, thanks to its powerful 5200mAh battery. This extended runtime makes it ideal for larger homes or those in need of a thorough cleaning. When the cleaning job is done, the A8 automatically returns to its docking station, lifts the mop to air dry, and recharges itself. You can trust that the A8 will provide a consistent and efficient cleaning performance without interruptions. Spend less time worrying about battery life and more time enjoying the cleanliness of your home.

OBODE Robot Vacuum: Centimeter-accurate Obstacle Avoidance

OBODE Robot Vacuum


Precise obstacle avoidance is ensured by the A8 robot vacuum cleaner, which is equipped with more than 30 sensors, including multi-line laser sensors. These sensors allow the vacuum cleaner to accurately detect the position of both moving and stationary objects in its path. With centimeter-accurate obstacle avoidance, the A8 can clean up to the edge without hitting obstacles, maintaining a constant distance of 10mm. This feature ensures a thorough cleaning performance while protecting your furniture and belongings from accidental collisions.

OBODE Robot Vacuum: User Reviews



The performance of the OBODE A8 Robot Vacuum and mop Combo has impressed customers. Many have praised its strong suction power and ability to effectively clean pet hair. Users have also appreciated its ease of use, with features like app control and voice control compatibility with Alexa. Some reviews mentioned that the vacuum may miss certain areas during cleaning, but overall, customers have found it to be a reliable and efficient cleaning solution. With its advanced features and positive user feedback, the OBODE A8 Robot Vacuum and mop Combo is definitely worth considering for your cleaning needs.


  • Intelligent Mop Lifting: The A8 robot vacuum lifts the mop pad to prevent carpets from getting wet and air dries the mop pad to prevent odor.
  • LiDAR Navigation: The A8 uses advanced LiDAR scanning and line laser sensor processing to accurately navigate and create efficient cleaning paths.
  • Customized Cleaning with Multiple Maps: The A8 can store maps for up to 3 floors, allowing for customized cleaning preferences without the need to remap each time.


  • Misses Areas: One reviewer mentioned that the vacuum misses some areas during cleaning, requiring additional runs or manual supplementation.
  • Difficult Network Setup: Some users experienced difficulty connecting the vacuum to their network and setting it up with the app.
  • Front Brushes may not work well with rugs: The front brushes may get stuck under rugs, causing the vacuum to get stuck. Removing the brushes can prevent this issue.


The OBODE A8 Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo is a reliable and efficient cleaning companion for any household. Its LiDAR navigation ensures precise mapping and positioning, resulting in effective cleaning paths. The ability to store multiple maps for different floors adds convenience and eliminates the need for repeated mapping. With a runtime of 180 minutes and the convenience of automatic recharging, this vacuum is suitable for cleaning larger spaces. Although there were a few minor drawbacks, such as occasional getting stuck near furniture legs, the overall performance and quality of cleaning make the OBODE A8 a worthwhile investment.

Questions & Answers:

Question: How long does the battery last on the A8 robot vacuum?

Answer: The A8 robot vacuum has a runtime of 180 minutes when fully charged.

Question: Can the A8 robot vacuum clean multiple floors?

Answer: Yes, the A8 can store maps for up to 3 floors, allowing for customized cleaning on different levels.

Question: Does the A8 robot vacuum have obstacle avoidance features?

Answer: Yes, the A8 comes with more than 30 sensors, including multi-line laser sensors, for centimeter-accurate obstacle avoidance. It can clean up to the edge without hitting obstacles.

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