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Dreametech L10s Ultra Review: A Reliable and Efficient Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo

With its self-refilling and self-emptying base, this robot vacuum promises up to 60 days of hands-off cleaning. It also boasts compatibility with Alexa for convenient control. In this review, I will share my personal experience with this product.

I don’t typically write reviews, but the Dreametech L10s Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo exceeded my expectations. Upon receiving the product, I encountered a minor setback as the first unit arrived damaged. However, both Dreametech and Amazon customer support were quick to resolve the issue and provided me with a replacement.

After using the robot for about 1.5 months, I can confidently say that it has made a significant difference in the cleanliness of my home. As a pet owner, dealing with pet hair can be a constant struggle. But this robot vacuum handles the task effortlessly. It effectively vacuums and mops my hardwood floors, leaving them spotless and refreshed.

I was also pleased with the robot’s performance on carpets. While initially faced with some challenges in setting up the second floor cleaning, the robot eventually mapped the area accurately and provided excellent results. The vacuuming power is impressive, as it effortlessly removes debris and leaves a clean, striped carpet behind.

Using the Dreametech app, I found it easy to customize my cleaning preferences, create schedules, and set no-go zones. The app also allows for voice commands, adding to the convenience of controlling the robot. The base station, with its self-emptying feature, effectively removes debris from the robot and cleans the mop pads, ensuring a hygienic cleaning process.

Dreametech L10s Ultra: Fully Automated Cleaning

Dreametech L10s Ultra


Offering a fully automated cleaning experience, the Dreametech L10s Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo takes care of all your home cleaning needs. With automatic dust collection, mop-cleaning and drying, water-refilling, and solution-adding capabilities, this robot vacuum ensures that your floors stay clean without any effort on your part. The exclusive DualBoost 2.0 system blows air into the robot’s dust box and vacuums it into a 3L dust bag, providing up to 60 days of hands-off cleaning. Say goodbye to manual cleaning and let this robot do the work for you.

Dreametech L10s Ultra: Advanced AI Navigation

Dreametech L10s Ultra


Rapidly learning your home, the Dreametech L10s is equipped with advanced AI navigation that uses an RGB camera and 3D structured light. This intelligent navigation system tailors cleaning strategies and auto-generates paths based on the type of obstacle, flooring, and room. This ensures efficient and thorough cleaning, even in complex environments. Whether you have carpeted areas or different types of flooring, this robot vacuum can handle it all with ease. Sit back and relax while the AI-powered navigation takes care of your cleaning needs.

Robust Vacuuming and Carpet Cleaning

Dreametech L10s Ultra


Capable of effectively removing household debris, hair, and dust from both floors and carpets, the Dreametech L10s boasts a powerful 5,300Pa suction. The automatic carpet detection feature allows the robot to adjust its cleaning behavior accordingly, avoiding carpets while mopping or raising the mop pads while vacuuming. This ensures that your carpets stay clean and fresh without any damage. Whether you have hardwood floors or carpets, this robot vacuum is designed to deliver robust vacuuming and carpet cleaning performance.

Dreametech L10s Ultra: Makes Floors Shine

Dreametech L10s Ultra


Thoroughly scrubbing floors, the Dreametech L10s comes with dual rotary mops that spin at 180RPM under firm pressure. With a large 2.5L water tank, this robot vacuum can cover up to 2,152ft² (200sqm) of hard floors, including wood, tile, vinyl, and more. Say goodbye to dull and dirty floors and enjoy the refreshing cleanliness that this robot vacuum brings. Let it do the hard work of mopping, so you can enjoy beautiful, shining floors effortlessly.

Cleans and Dries Its Mops

Dreametech L10s Ultra


Its ability to clean and dry its mops automatically is one of the standout features of the Dreametech L10s. When the robot returns to the base station, the mops are lifted automatically to ensure that your floors stay pristine. The automatic mop cleaning feature immerses the mops in water and spins them at high speed against grooves in the removable base plate to dislodge dirt. After cleaning, the mops are dried with hot air in as little as 2 hours, helping to prevent odor and keep the mops ready for the next cleaning session.

Customize Your Cleaning from Anywhere



With complete control over your cleaning routine, the Dreametech L10s allows you to have full control. Create multiple maps for multi-floor houses, segment rooms, set virtual walls, and define no-go zones. You can also create cleaning schedules and routines to fit your lifestyle. Start, pause, or stop cleaning with simple voice commands or use the app’s video control feature to supervise your home cleaning. The power to customize your cleaning experience is at your fingertips. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility that the Dreametech L10s offers.


  • Fully Automated Cleaning – The Dreametech L10s offers automatic dust collection, mop cleaning and drying, water refilling, and solution adding, making home cleaning fully automated. The robot also has a self-emptying base that can hold up to 60 days of dust, providing hands-off cleaning convenience.
  • Advanced AI Navigation – With the use of an RGB camera and 3D structured light, the L10s can quickly learn your home, tailor cleaning strategies, and generate paths based on the type of obstacle, flooring, and room. This advanced AI navigation ensures efficient and effective cleaning.
  • Robust Vacuuming and Carpet Cleaning – The L10s has a powerful suction of 5,300Pa, automatic carpet detection, and a robust rubber brush that can effectively pull debris, hair, and dust from both floors and carpets. It also has the ability to avoid carpets while mopping or raise the mop pads while vacuuming, providing versatile cleaning options.


  • Lack of Clear Instructions – Some users have reported that the instructions for transitioning from one floor to another or from hardwoods to carpet could be clearer. This may require some experimentation to figure out the proper settings and procedures.
  • Difficulty in Splitting Rooms – The app used for controlling the L10s has limitations when it comes to splitting rooms, especially in areas where there are boundaries like closed doors. This can make it challenging to create separate cleaning zones for different rooms.
  • Loud Whining Noise – A few users have experienced a loud whining noise while the L10s is in operation. This noise can be disruptive and may affect the overall user experience. It is recommended to reach out to customer support for assistance in resolving this issue.


In conclusion, the Dreametech L10s Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo is a top-notch cleaning solution that delivers on its promises. Its fully automated features, advanced AI navigation, and powerful suction make it a valuable addition to any household. With its exceptional performance on both hardwood floors and carpets, this robot vacuum has simplified my cleaning routine and saved me valuable time. If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient cleaning companion, I highly recommend giving the Dreametech L10s a try.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Can the Dreametech L10s clean multiple floors in a multi-floor house?

Answer: Yes, the L10s can create multiple maps for multi-floor houses, allowing it to clean different floors with ease.

Question: Does the L10s have the ability to avoid carpets while mopping?

Answer: Yes, the L10s has carpet identification capabilities and can raise the mop pads while vacuuming to avoid mopping on carpets.

Question: How long does it take for the mops to dry after cleaning?

Answer: The mops are dried with hot air in as little as 2 hours after cleaning to help prevent odor and ensure the mops stay in a pristine condition.

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