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Quican Smart Watch Review: Affordable Fitness Tracking for Men and Women

Packed with features such as heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and over 100 sports modes, this watch aims to help you achieve your fitness goals. With its Bluetooth connectivity and compatibility with both iPhone and Android devices, it also offers convenient message notifications and even a built-in Alexa Assistant. In this review, we will delve into the product details and share personal experiences with the Quican Smart Watch.

I have been using the Quican Smart Watch for a few weeks now, and overall, I am impressed with its performance. The fitness tracking features, including step counting, heart rate monitoring, and sleep tracking, have been accurate and informative. It’s been fascinating to see my daily activity levels and sleep patterns displayed on the watch and the accompanying app.

Connecting the watch to my smartphone was a breeze, and the message notifications have been handy, allowing me to stay updated without constantly checking my phone. The built-in Alexa Assistant is a great addition, providing quick access to news, weather, and other information.

However, I did encounter a couple of minor drawbacks. The battery life fell short of the advertised 7-10 days, lasting only around 2-3 days for me. Additionally, the silicone band that comes with the watch was not the most comfortable and required some adjustment for a snug fit. Nevertheless, these issues were manageable and did not hinder my overall experience with the watch.

Quican Smart Watch: Comprehensive Health and Sleep Tracking

Quican Smart Watch


Offering 24-hour health and sleep tracking capabilities, the Quican Smart Watch for Women is a must-have. With its high-performance optical sensor, it accurately tracks your daily steps, distance, and calories burned. Additionally, it monitors your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, stress levels, and sleep patterns, providing valuable insights into your body’s condition and trends. Whether you’re interested in analyzing your fitness progress or improving your sleep quality, this smartwatch has got you covered. It even offers personalized advice for adjusting your lifestyle based on the data it collects.

Versatile Sports Modes and Waterproof Design

Quican Smart Watch


A fitness enthusiast’s dream, the Quican Smart Watch boasts over 100 built-in sports modes. Whether you’re into running, swimming, cycling, yoga, or any other activity, this watch will accurately track your fitness data, including calories burned, steps taken, distance covered, and workout duration. It ensures that your fitness goals are more meaningful and attainable. Plus, with its IP68 waterproof rating, you can wear it while swimming or showering without worrying about damage.

Convenient Message Notifications and Bluetooth Call

Quican Smart Watch


Never miss important messages with the Quican Smart Watch, ensuring you stay connected. It is equipped with stable Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity, ensuring a reliable connection to your smartphone. You can conveniently view message notifications from various apps like SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and more, directly on the smartwatch. Additionally, you can answer and make phone calls with ease, thanks to its built-in speaker. However, it’s important to note that the speaker’s volume may be low, so it’s recommended to use the watch in conjunction with your phone for clear call quality.

Quican Smart Watch: Alexa Assistant for Added Convenience

Quican Smart Watch


Access news, weather, and other information with just a press and hold of the crown, thanks to the built-in Alexa Assistant on the Quican Smart Watch. This hands-free feature adds convenience to your daily life, enabling you to stay informed without reaching for your phone. Whether you need to check the weather before heading out or get quick answers to your questions, Alexa is there to assist you.

Quican Smart Watch: Impressive Battery Life and Warranty

Quican Smart Watch


Impressive battery life is one of the key features of the Quican Smart Watch, with its high-capacity, low-power battery offering 7-10 days of usage and up to 30 days of standby time. This means you can go longer without having to worry about charging your watch frequently. Additionally, the watch comes with a fast magnetic charger, enhancing your overall life efficiency. Plus, with a 12-month warranty, you can have peace of mind knowing that the Quican team is ready to provide the best solution if any issues arise.

User Reviews Highlighting Pros and Cons



User experiences of the Quican Smart Watch have been shared, highlighting both positive aspects and some minor downsides of the product. Some praised its easy connectivity to the phone, accurate fitness tracking, and vibrant display. However, a few users mentioned that the battery life was shorter than expected and that the silicone band provided was uncomfortable to wear. Additionally, there were comments about the speaker volume being low for phone calls. Overall, the majority of users recommended the watch, appreciating its affordability and efficiency.


  • The Quican smartwatch offers comprehensive health and sleep tracking, allowing you to monitor your daily steps, distance, calories, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, stress levels, and sleep patterns. It provides valuable insights into your body’s condition and trends, helping you make adjustments to your lifestyle.
  • With over 100 built-in sports modes, this fitness watch caters to a wide range of activities, including fitness, running, swimming, cycling, yoga, and more. It accurately tracks your fitness data, such as calories burned, steps taken, distance covered, and duration, making your workouts more meaningful.
  • The Quican smartwatch allows you to stay connected by providing message notifications from various apps like SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and more. It also supports Bluetooth call functionality, allowing you to answer and make phone calls directly from your wrist.


  • Some users have reported that the battery life of the watch is shorter than expected. While the product claims to offer 7-10 days of battery life, some users have experienced a need to charge the watch every 2-3 days.
  • The silicone band that comes with the watch has been described as uncomfortable to wear and difficult to adjust for a snug fit. Users may need to consider replacing the band with a more comfortable alternative.
  • Certain watch faces are premium and require additional payment to use. This may be a drawback for users who prefer a wider selection of free watch face designs.

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In conclusion, the Quican Smart Watch offers an affordable option for those looking to track their fitness and stay connected. With its comprehensive health monitoring features, extensive sports modes, and Alexa integration, it provides a range of functionalities that rival more expensive options on the market. Despite minor drawbacks such as shorter battery life and the comfort of the silicone band, the Quican Smart Watch delivers on its promises and provides excellent value for the price. If you’re in the market for a reliable and feature-packed smartwatch without breaking the bank, I highly recommend considering the Quican Smart Watch.

Questions & Answers:

Question: How long does the battery of the Quican smartwatch typically last?

Answer: The battery life of the Quican smartwatch is advertised to last 7-10 days, but some users have reported a need to charge it every 2-3 days.

Question: Is the silicone band comfortable to wear?

Answer: Some users have found the silicone band uncomfortable and have opted to replace it with a more comfortable alternative.

Question: Are all watch faces included for free?

Answer: While the watch offers a variety of free watch face designs, some premium watch faces require additional payment to use.

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