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Moreloco Fitness Tracker Review: Your Ultimate Health Monitoring Companion

The Moreloco Fitness Tracker Watch, a feature-packed smartwatch with AMOLED display, offers a wide range of health monitoring capabilities. With its sleek design, waterproof construction, and affordable price, it has gained popularity among fitness enthusiasts. In this review, we will explore the various features of this watch and share personal experiences using it.

I purchased the MORELOCO Fitness Tracker Watch primarily to monitor my blood pressure on the go. As someone who occasionally experiences sudden nosebleeds, it was crucial for me to have a convenient way to measure my blood pressure whenever needed. I was pleasantly surprised by the accuracy of the watch’s blood pressure measurements, which I verified by comparing them to readings from other devices. The watch’s design is comfortable, and even during sweaty workouts, it did not cause any irritation on my wrist. Additionally, the battery life impressed me, lasting for 5-6 consecutive days without needing a recharge.

Moreloco Fitness Tracker: Comprehensive Health Monitoring

Moreloco Fitness Tracker


Equipped with a range of features to help you monitor your health comprehensively, the MORELOCO AMOLED Fitness Tracker Watch is the perfect device for keeping track of your well-being. It continuously and automatically measures your heart rate, tracks calorie consumption, and optimizes your training. With its scientific sleep monitor, you can gain insights into your sleep quality every night, helping you make adjustments for better rest. Additionally, the watch provides 24-hour monitoring of heart rate, blood oxygen, and blood pressure, allowing you to maintain a proactive approach to your overall health. It also offers features such as daily stress management, arrhythmia notification, and high/low heart rate notification to keep you informed and in control.

Fitness Tracking Made Easy

Moreloco Fitness Tracker


Accurately recording your daily activities, including steps, distance, and calories burned, the MORELOCO Fitness Tracker ensures that you have a clear understanding of your fitness progress. By setting your fitness goals in the app, you can easily track your progress and view your daily, weekly, and monthly goal completion status. This feature helps you better understand your exercise habits and motivates you to stay active. Whether you’re walking, running, or engaging in other forms of physical activity, this fitness tracker will provide accurate data to help you monitor and improve your fitness levels.

Convenient Charging and Long Battery Life

Moreloco Fitness Tracker


With a powerful battery that offers long-lasting performance, the MORELOCO Fitness Tracker is designed to keep up with your active lifestyle. With built-in USB charging, you can conveniently charge the watch without the need for an additional power cord. Simply rotate one end of the watch strap and gently pull to access the charging interface. This user-friendly design saves you time and ensures that you can enjoy uninterrupted tracking and monitoring of your health and fitness goals.

Moreloco Fitness Tracker: Waterproof and Versatile

Moreloco Fitness Tracker


Boasting an IP68 waterproof rating, the MORELOCO Fitness Tracker is suitable for various activities, providing you with the freedom to exercise in any environment. Whether you’re surfing, running in the rain, swimming in non-hot water, or even showering, this tracker can handle it all. Its water-resistant capabilities give you the freedom to take care of yourself without worrying about damaging the device. Additionally, the watch offers a range of other features, including music control, weather display, stopwatch, and menstrual health tracking, making it a versatile companion for your daily life.

Moreloco Fitness Tracker: Positive User Reviews

Moreloco Fitness Tracker


Highly praised by customers for its accuracy, ease of use, and value for money, the MORELOCO Fitness Tracker has received positive feedback from those who have purchased and used it. Many users have found the heart rate, blood pressure, and sleep monitoring features to be highly reliable and accurate, even comparing them to other more expensive devices on the market. The lightweight and comfortable design, long battery life, and compatibility with both Android and iPhone devices have also received positive feedback. Overall, customers have expressed satisfaction with this fitness tracker’s performance and functionality.

Moreloco Fitness Tracker: Conclusion

Offering a range of features to help you monitor your health, track your fitness goals, and stay connected, the MORELOCO AMOLED Fitness Tracker Watch is the ultimate device for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. With its comprehensive health monitoring capabilities, convenient charging, waterproof design, and positive user reviews, it is a reliable and versatile choice for those seeking a budget-friendly fitness tracker. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or someone looking to improve their overall well-being, this tracker can provide valuable insights and support on your health journey.


  • Accurate and Easy to use.
  • Different hardware, same software.
  • Simple, Easy Fitness Tracker.


  • Needing to enable total access to your phone.
  • Uncertainty about where the data is going and how it’s being used.
  • Limited information on other functions and features.


In conclusion, the MORELOCO Fitness Tracker Watch offers an accurate and easy-to-use solution for tracking various health metrics. Its affordability, sleek design, and waterproof capabilities make it an excellent choice for fitness enthusiasts. The watch’s ability to monitor heart rate, blood pressure, and sleep quality, along with its long battery life, make it a reliable companion for daily health monitoring. Overall, I am highly satisfied with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone in need of a reliable fitness tracker at an affordable price.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Is the fitness tracker easy to use?

Answer: Yes, according to the reviews, the fitness tracker is easy to set up and sync with smartphones.

Question: How accurate is the blood pressure measurement?

Answer: The reviews mention that the blood pressure measurement is accurate, even compared to other devices.

Question: Is the watch compatible with iPhones?

Answer: Yes, the watch can be easily synced with iPhones and works well with them.

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