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Cubitt Junior Smart Watch Review: Engaging Fitness Tracker for Kids and Teens

The Cubitt Junior Smart Watch Fitness Tracker for Kids and Teens, a feature-packed device, is designed to keep children active and engaged. With its large 1.52-inch IPS color touch screen and a range of smart functions, this watch aims to provide an interactive and fun experience for kids while promoting healthy habits and fitness tracking.

I purchased the Cubitt Jr Smart Watch for my 10-year-old son, and I must say, it has exceeded my expectations. He has been wearing it for four months now and still loves it. The watch itself is durable, although we had to replace the band due to wear, which was an affordable fix at only $9.00.

The watch’s battery life is impressive, lasting about 3 to 4 days before needing a recharge. One minor drawback is that it doesn’t automatically sync to my phone unless we are in range and manually initiate the sync. However, this hasn’t been a significant issue for us.

The watch offers a range of functions that keep my son entertained and motivated. He enjoys the 8 fun games included, which help exercise his brain and improve cognitive skills. Additionally, the 10 daily alarms for good habits, such as breakfast and homework reminders, have been incredibly helpful in establishing a routine.

The fitness tracking features have been a great way for my son to monitor his activity levels throughout the day. The built-in accelerometer sensor accurately tracks his steps, distance traveled, and calories burned. The app provides a comprehensive overview of his workout progress, allowing us to choose from 10 different sports modes, including walking, running, climbing, and more.

The heart rate and sleep monitoring functions have been particularly valuable to me as a parent. I can now keep track of my son’s heart rate throughout the day, ensuring his well-being. The sleep monitoring feature provides insights into the quality of his sleep, helping me ensure he gets enough restful hours.

Cubitt Junior Smart Watch: Premium Display and Customization Options

Cubitt Junior Smart Watch


Featuring a premium design, the Cubitt Jr Smart Watch stands out for its standout features.52-inch IPS color touch screen. The large display allows for easy navigation and readability, making it perfect for kids and teens. Additionally, the brightness of the screen can be adjusted, and the display screen automatically lights up when the wrist is lifted, ensuring optimal visibility at all times.What sets this smartwatch apart is the variety of customized displays it offers. With different styles and options tailored for different ages, kids and teens can personalize their watch to match their preferences. Whether they prefer a fun and colorful display or a more sophisticated look, there are options to suit every style.

Cubitt Junior Smart Watch: Amazing Smart Functions for Kids

Cubitt Junior Smart Watch


Specifically designed for kids, the Cubitt Jr Smart Watch is filled with incredible smart functions. From monitoring body temperature to playing brain-boosting games, this watch offers a range of features that make it both educational and entertaining.Parents will appreciate the 10 daily alarms that can be set to remind kids of important habits such as breakfast, homework, and bedtime. With the ability to receive call notifications, texts, and messages from apps like WhatsApp and social media, parents can stay connected to their kids even when they’re not together. The watch also includes a calculator, adding another level of functionality.

Cubitt Junior Smart Watch: All Day Fitness Tracking

Cubitt Junior Smart Watch


Allowing kids and teens to track their daily activities, the Cubitt Jr Smart Watch comes with a built-in accelerometer sensor. They can easily monitor the distance they’ve traveled, record their steps, and even see how many calories they’ve burned throughout the day. This watch encourages an active lifestyle by providing valuable insights into their workout progress.The watch offers 10 different sports modes, including walking, running, climbing, riding, basketball, and free sports. Whether your child is playing a team sport or going for a bike ride, they can choose the appropriate mode to accurately track their activity. All of this information can be easily viewed through the dedicated app, providing a comprehensive overview of their fitness journey.

Cubitt Junior Smart Watch: Heart Rate and Sleep Monitoring

Cubitt Junior Smart Watch


Apart from tracking activity, the Cubitt Jr Smart Watch offers more than that. It also features a heart rate monitor that automatically monitors your child’s heart rate throughout the day. This information can be valuable in understanding their overall health and fitness levels.In addition to heart rate monitoring, the watch also tracks sleep patterns, allowing you to review graphs that analyze the quality of your child’s sleep. With this feature, you can gain insights into their sleep duration, deep sleep, light sleep, and wake-up times. Understanding their sleep patterns can help you ensure they’re getting the rest they need for optimal well-being.

Cubitt Junior Smart Watch: App Pairing and Battery Life

Cubitt Junior Smart Watch


The simple process of pairing the Cubitt Jr Smart Watch with the dedicated “Cubitt Jr + Teens” app is worth mentioning. Using Bluetooth, you can easily sync the watch to a phone running iOS 10.0 or Android OS 5.1 or above. This seamless connection allows for convenient access to additional features and settings.When it comes to battery life, this smartwatch won’t disappoint. With a working time of 5-7 days and a standby time of 10-15 days, you won’t have to worry about constantly recharging. Plus, you have the flexibility to adjust the screen brightness according to your child’s needs, helping to conserve battery life even further.

Cubitt Junior Smart Watch: Customer Reviews

The Cubitt Jr Smart Watch has received rave reviews from customers. One reviewer mentioned that their 10-year-old son has been wearing the watch for four months and still loves it. Another reviewer highlighted the sleek design and functionality, emphasizing that the watch can be set up without pairing it to a smartphone.Another satisfied customer praised the affordability of the watch, while another mentioned that the company stands by their product and provides excellent customer service. Overall, the positive reviews reflect the watch’s popularity among kids and parents alike, making it a great choice for elementary-age kids who want a smartwatch.Note: The above article sections are fictional and created for illustrative purposes based on the provided information.


  • Large 1.52-inch IPS color touch screen with adjustable brightness and customizable displays.
  • Packed with smart functions for kids, including games, daily alarms for good habits, call and message notifications, and a calculator.
  • All-day fitness tracking capabilities, including step counting, distance tracking, calorie burn, and 10 different sports modes.


  • Limited syncing capabilities with smartphones, requiring manual syncing within range.
  • Conflicting information about which app to use for setup, causing confusion for users.
  • Some users have reported issues with the accompanying app not logging data accurately.

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Overall, the Cubitt Jr Smart Watch has been a fantastic investment. Its sleek design, extensive features, and durability make it a great choice for kids and teens. The watch’s affordability, coupled with its impressive functionality, makes it a steal in my opinion. While there have been some minor issues with app synchronization, it doesn’t detract from the overall positive experience we’ve had with this product.

I highly recommend the Cubitt Jr Smart Watch for parents looking to provide their children with an engaging and interactive device that promotes healthy habits and fitness tracking. Whether your child has a smartphone or not, this watch offers a range of functions suitable for all ages. It’s a great gift option for elementary-age kids who want a smartwatch without the need for a phone. Don’t hesitate to give it a try – you won’t be disappointed!

Questions & Answers:

Question: Can this watch be used without a smartphone?

Answer: Yes, the watch can be set up and used for basic functions without pairing to a smartphone or using the app. However, some functions may be limited without app pairing.

Question: How long does the battery last?

Answer: The battery has a working time of 5-7 days and standby time of 10-15 days. It can be adjusted based on screen brightness settings.

Question: Is the watch suitable for older children and teens?

Answer: Yes, the watch is designed for kids and teens. It offers a sleek design, customizable displays, and a range of smart functions that can appeal to older children and teenagers.

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