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Amaztim Fitness Tracker Review: Your Ultimate Health and Fitness Companion

The Amaztim Fitness Tracker, a feature-packed smartwatch, is designed to enhance your health and fitness journey. With its 3D curved glass, 100M waterproof capability, and ultra-long battery life, this watch offers durability and functionality. In addition, the AMOLED display and health monitoring features make it a comprehensive fitness companion. In this review, we will delve into the product details and share personal experiences with the AMAZTIM Fitness Tracker.

I recently purchased the AMAZTIM Fitness Tracker and have been thoroughly impressed with its performance. As a law enforcement officer, I needed a rugged watch that could withstand demanding conditions, and this smartwatch exceeded my expectations. The military-grade materials and fully enclosed design provide durability, while the 3D curved glass adds a touch of elegance to its appearance.

One feature that stood out to me was the health monitoring capabilities. The 24-hour heart rate monitor and sleep tracker provided valuable insights into my overall well-being. I was able to track my activity levels and fine-tune my workouts with the help of the 70 sports modes available. The accuracy of the data collected was impressive, allowing me to make informed decisions about my fitness goals.

The AMOLED display is another highlight of this watch. It offers excellent visibility even under direct sunlight, and the always-on display feature eliminates the need to constantly lift my wrist to check the time. The energy-saving LED display also ensures a longer battery life, which was a pleasant surprise. I was able to use the watch for up to 2 weeks under normal use and up to 50+ days in power-saving mode.

Amaztim Fitness Tracker: 3D Curved Glass and Military-Grade Durability

Amaztim Fitness Tracker


With a 3D curved glass design, the AMAZTIM Fitness Tracker is the first of its kind. This unique feature not only adds to the overall aesthetics of the smartwatch but also provides resilience against various screen hazards. The combination of the flexible beauty of the curved glass and the Corning Gorilla screen ensures durability and protection. Additionally, the TC4 Titanium unibody bimetallic body, military-grade materials, and fully enclosed design make it the toughest and most durable watch available. With 15 MIL-STD-810H certifications, including salt spray, rain, and impact tests, this fitness tracker thrives in any harsh environment.

100M Waterproof for Swimming and Extreme Conditions

Amaztim Fitness Tracker


Taking waterproofing to the next level, the AMAZTIM Fitness Tracker boasts a military-grade solid and corrosion-resistant titanium body. It is fully enclosed and ultra-thin, ensuring that its waterproof level reaches 10ATM & IP69K. This means you can confidently wear it during swimming or in environments with high temperatures and pressure. The smartwatch has undergone extensive tests, including drilling, crushing, and hot steam washout, proving its resilience under extreme conditions. Whether you’re diving or engaging in water sports, this fitness tracker is designed to withstand it all.

Amaztim Fitness Tracker: 50+ Days Ultra-Long Battery Life

Amaztim Fitness Tracker


Impressing users with its standout feature, the AMAZTIM Fitness Tracker offers an impressive battery life. Equipped with a 100% pure cobalt-based battery, this smartwatch ensures optimal performance and longevity, lasting twice as long as conventional smartwatches. With a super power-saving AI algorithm, the watch minimizes power consumption, allowing it to last up to 2 weeks under normal use. Even in power-saving mode, it can continue to function for up to 50+ days. This means you can rely on the AMAZTIM Fitness Tracker for extended periods without worrying about constantly recharging.

Amaztim Fitness Tracker: AMOLED Display for Clear Vision

Amaztim Fitness Tracker


Offering several advantages, the AMAZTIM Fitness Tracker features an AMOLED display. Firstly, it provides clearer vision under the sun, thanks to its anti-glare technology. This ensures excellent visibility even when outdoors. Secondly, the screen boasts up to 100% RGB color gamut and a brightness of 1000NIT, delivering a clear and vivid visual experience. Thirdly, the display has an always-on feature, eliminating the need to lift your wrist or touch the screen to check the time. Finally, the LED display is more energy-saving than LCD, making it a more efficient choice.

Amaztim Fitness Tracker: Health Monitoring and 70 Exercise Modes

Amaztim Fitness Tracker


Excelling in health monitoring and exercise tracking, the AMAZTIM Fitness Tracker surpasses expectations. With advanced real-time monitoring, this smartwatch collects data on all-day sleep, 24-hour heart rate, and real-time blood oxygen levels. It also includes a pedometer to keep track of calories burned throughout the day. Additionally, it supports up to 70 sports modes and 6 Intelligent Sports Recognition. Whether you’re jogging, swimming, or practicing yoga, the AMAZTIM Fitness Tracker provides precise and accurate data, ensuring that every workout is counted.

Fit Watch with High-End Appearance and Comfort

Praised by users for its high-end appearance and comfortable fit, the AMAZTIM Fitness Tracker stands out. The watch’s design makes it suitable for use during workouts as well as in everyday life. The clear and bright screen allows for easy reading of alerts, exercise tracking, and health monitoring, even in direct sunlight. With its wide range of sports modes and comprehensive data collection, this fitness tracker helps users fine-tune their exercises and achieve their health goals. The heart rate monitor and sleep tracker provide valuable insights into cardiovascular health and sleeping habits, enabling users to make informed decisions about their lifestyle.


  • The AMAZTIM Fitness Tracker has a 3D curved glass design, which not only provides a beautiful aesthetic but also offers resilience against screen hazards. The use of military-grade materials and certifications ensure its durability and toughness.
  • With a waterproof level of 10ATM & IP69K, this fitness tracker can be confidently worn during swimming or in high-pressure environments. It has passed rigorous tests for resistance against drilling, crushing, and hot steam washout.
  • The AMAZTIM Fitness Tracker boasts an ultra-long battery life of over 50 days in power-saving mode, thanks to its 100% pure cobalt-based battery and super power-saving AI algorithm. It outperforms conventional smartwatches in terms of longevity.


  • Some users found the manual to be insufficient in explaining all the functions and features of the fitness tracker. It may require additional research or assistance to fully understand and utilize all the capabilities.
  • The fitness tracker does not sync with various platforms like Google Fit, which may be disappointing for users who prefer to track their fitness data in a specific ecosystem.
  • The blood pressure readings on the fitness tracker may not be very accurate, according to some users. It is advisable to consult a medical professional for precise blood pressure measurements.


In conclusion, the AMAZTIM Fitness Tracker is a top-notch smartwatch that combines durability, functionality, and style. Its 3D curved glass, waterproof capability, and long battery life make it suitable for various activities and environments. The AMOLED display provides a clear and vibrant visual experience, while the health monitoring features and extensive sports modes ensure accurate tracking of your fitness journey.

Although there were a few minor setbacks, such as the lack of weather updates on the watch itself, the overall performance and features of the AMAZTIM Fitness Tracker outweighed these limitations. If you’re in the market for a reliable and feature-rich fitness tracker, I highly recommend considering the AMAZTIM Fitness Tracker. It has certainly become an essential part of my daily routine and has exceeded my expectations in terms of quality and functionality.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Can the AMAZTIM Fitness Tracker be worn while swimming?

Answer: Yes, the fitness tracker is waterproof up to 100 meters, making it suitable for swimming or use in high-pressure environments.

Question: How long does the battery of the AMAZTIM Fitness Tracker last?

Answer: The fitness tracker has an ultra-long battery life of over 50 days in power-saving mode. Under normal use, it can last up to 2 weeks.

Question: Does the AMAZTIM Fitness Tracker sync with Google Fit?

Answer: No, the fitness tracker does not sync with Google Fit or other platforms. It has its own app for tracking and analyzing fitness data.

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