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Amazfit GTS 2e Review: A Feature-Packed Smartwatch for Enhanced Fitness and Health Tracking

With a vibrant AMOLED screen and intelligent voice assistance, this smartwatch aims to enhance your daily life and fitness journey.

I have been using the Amazfit GTS 2e for several weeks now, and I must say that it has exceeded my expectations. The watch fits perfectly on my small wrist, thanks to its sleek design and adjustable wristband. The water-resistant feature has been a game-changer for me, especially as I work in healthcare and constantly wash my hands.

The comfort level of this smartwatch is remarkable. The silky feel of the wristband is a welcome change from the usual rubber texture, and its flexibility ensures a comfortable fit throughout the day. The watch tracks my activities accurately, although not 100%, but close enough to give me a clear picture of my fitness progress.

I particularly appreciate the customizable features of the Amazfit GTS 2e. From adjusting sensitivity levels to managing brightness and battery-saving modes, this smartwatch allows for personalized settings that cater to individual needs. The notifications feature works well for me, as I can receive alerts without needing to answer calls or respond to texts.

The setup process was fairly straightforward, and I enjoyed exploring the app and watch functionalities to discover new features and optimize my experience. However, I did face some difficulty with the apps and widgets, and reaching out to support for assistance was necessary.

Amazfit GTS 2e: Extended Battery Life

Amazfit GTS 2e


A notable characteristic of the Amazfit GTS 2e Smartwatch is its impressive battery life. With a deeply optimized system battery management, this smartwatch offers a remarkable 14-day battery life for typical usage and 24-day battery life for basic usage. This means that you can wear the watch without worrying about constantly having to charge it, making it a reliable companion for your daily activities and journeys.

Amazfit GTS 2e: Intelligent Voice Assistance

Amazfit GTS 2e


A remarkable aspect of the Amazfit GTS 2e is its advanced voice assistance. With the Amazon Alexa built-in, you can easily check the weather, set alarms, get translations, and more, all with just your voice. What’s even more convenient is that this smartwatch also comes with an offline voice assistant, allowing you to interact with it even without an internet connection. This feature enhances the overall usability and convenience of the watch.

Amazfit GTS 2e: Advanced Fitness Support

Amazfit GTS 2e


With a focus on providing a complete fitness experience, the Amazfit GTS 2e serves as a comprehensive companion. It offers 90 built-in sports modes, catering to the needs of various sports enthusiasts. Whether you’re into running, swimming, cycling, or yoga, this smartwatch has got you covered. Additionally, with its 5 ATM water-resistance, you can wear it worry-free for daily use or even while swimming, allowing you to track your fitness activities without any limitations.

Color and Clarity Beyond Comprehension

Amazfit GTS 2e


Boasting a beautiful 1-inch display, the Amazfit GTS 2e stands out.65-inch HD AMOLED screen that rivals the clarity of the latest smartphones. With a pixel density of 341 ppi, the display offers clear and true-to-life visuals, ensuring smooth readability. The vibrant colors further enhance the overall viewing experience, making it a pleasure to use and navigate through the watch’s interface.

Amazfit GTS 2e: All-Round Health Tracking

Amazfit GTS 2e


In terms of monitoring health, the Amazfit GTS 2e surpasses expectations. It provides 24-hour heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen level monitoring, and stress level monitoring, offering comprehensive health protection. Additionally, this smartwatch can track your sleep quality and stages, providing valuable insights into your sleep patterns. With its focus on holistic health tracking, the Amazfit GTS 2e is a reliable companion for maintaining your well-being.

Vital, Everyday Features at the Ready


Beyond its fitness and health tracking capabilities, the Amazfit GTS 2e offers more. It offers a range of everyday features to make your life easier. From handling personal agendas to notifying you of incoming calls and messages, this smartwatch ensures that you stay connected and organized. It also includes features like Do Not Disturb, stopwatch, weather forecast, alarms, and timers, providing a comprehensive set of functions to suit your daily needs.


  • Extended Battery Life
  • Intelligent Voice Assistance
  • Advanced Fitness Support


  • Bands Need Notch for Better Hold
  • Difficulty with Apps and Widgets
  • Lack of Paper Manual

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In conclusion, the Amazfit GTS 2e is a fantastic smartwatch that offers excellent value for its price. Its extended battery life ensures that I don’t have to worry about frequent charging, and the 90 built-in sports modes provide a wide range of options for fitness enthusiasts. The health tracking features, including heart rate, blood oxygen, and stress level monitoring, contribute to a comprehensive approach to well-being.

While there are minor cons, such as the need for a notch to hold down the watch band and some challenges with app navigation, overall, the Amazfit GTS 2e has proven to be a reliable and stylish companion for my daily activities. Whether it’s managing personal agendas, tracking sleep quality, or staying updated with notifications, this smartwatch has exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend it to anyone in search of a versatile and feature-rich wearable device.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Can I wear the Amazfit GTS 2e in water?

Answer: Yes, the smartwatch has a 5 ATM water-resistance rating, making it suitable for swimming and daily use without worrying about water damage.

Question: How long does the battery last?

Answer: The Amazfit GTS 2e has a 14-day battery life for typical usage and a 24-day battery life for basic usage, allowing for long periods of use without needing to recharge.

Question: Can I use the smartwatch with an iPhone?

Answer: Yes, the smartwatch is compatible with iPhones. However, some users have reported difficulties in receiving text messages on the watch when using an iPhone.

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