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Kodak Pixpro AZ425-RD Review: Unveiling Pros and Cons

The Kodak Pixpro AZ425-RD, a 20MP digital camera with 42X optical zoom, 24mm wide-angle lens, and 1080P full HD video capabilities,. With its rechargeable Li-Ion battery and optical image stabilization, it promises to be a versatile vlogging camera. In this review, I will share my personal experience with the camera and provide an overall verdict.

I was initially excited about the KODAK PIXPRO AZ425-RD as an affordable alternative to using my phone camera for photography. The camera’s zoom capabilities impressed me, allowing me to capture distant subjects without the need for additional equipment. I particularly enjoyed taking moon pictures handheld, and the detail in good lighting conditions was exceptional.

However, I encountered some significant downsides with this camera. Low-light photography turned out to be a major disappointment, producing poor quality images even with lights on. Additionally, capturing clear images of close objects, unless in macro mode, proved to be a challenge. The camera’s build quality felt cheap, and the lens cover was prone to falling off. Moreover, many of the modes were unhelpful, requiring manual adjustments to get a decent shot.

Amazing Zoom and Wide Angle Lens

Kodak Pixpro AZ425-RD


With an impressive 42X optical zoom and a 24mm wide-angle lens, the KODAK PIXPRO AZ425-RD digital camera boasts.. This combination allows you to capture stunning close-up shots and expansive landscapes with ease. Whether you’re zooming in on distant subjects or capturing the beauty of a wide vista, this camera delivers sharp and detailed images. The wide-angle lens is particularly useful for capturing group photos or fitting more into your frame. With this camera, you’ll never miss a moment, no matter how far away or wide the subject may be.

Kodak Pixpro AZ425-RD: High-Quality Images and Videos

Kodak Pixpro AZ425-RD


With a 20-megapixel CMOS sensor, the KODAK PIXPRO AZ425-RD ensures that your photos and videos are of the highest quality. The sensor captures fine details and vibrant colors, resulting in stunningly sharp images. Whether you’re shooting stills or recording videos, you can expect exceptional clarity and accuracy. Speaking of videos, this camera supports 1080P Full HD video recording, making it perfect for vlogging or capturing memorable moments in motion. With this camera in your hands, you can confidently document your adventures and create professional-looking content.

Kodak Pixpro AZ425-RD: Versatile SD Card Compatibility

Kodak Pixpro AZ425-RD


Compatible with SD cards, including SD, SDHC, and SDXC, the KODAK PIXPRO AZ425-RD.. It supports at least Class 10 cards, ensuring fast and reliable data transfer. Whether you prefer a smaller capacity card or a larger one, this camera can accommodate your needs. It can handle SD cards up to 512GB, providing ample space to store your photos and videos. With the freedom to choose the SD card that suits you best, you can focus on capturing memories without worrying about storage limitations.

Kodak Pixpro AZ425-RD: User-Friendly LCD Screen and Battery

Kodak Pixpro AZ425-RD


Featuring a 3-inch LCD screen, the KODAK PIXPRO AZ425-RD allows you to easily frame your shots and review your captured images and videos. The screen provides a clear and vibrant display, ensuring that you can see your content with clarity, even in bright sunlight. Additionally, this camera is powered by a rechargeable Li-Ion battery, which offers long-lasting performance. You can shoot to your heart’s content without worrying about running out of battery power. With a user-friendly LCD screen and a reliable battery, this camera is designed to enhance your shooting experience.

Optical Image Stabilization for Sharp Shots

Kodak Pixpro AZ425-RD


With its optical image stabilization (OIS) technology, the KODAK PIXPRO AZ425-RD offers one of its standout features.. OIS helps to minimize camera shake, ensuring that your photos and videos are sharp and blur-free, even in challenging shooting conditions. Whether you’re capturing fast-moving subjects or shooting in low light, OIS will make a noticeable difference in the quality of your shots. With this camera, you can confidently capture steady and clear images, no matter the situation.

Kodak Pixpro AZ425-RD: A Budget-Friendly Option for Beginners



A great choice for beginners who want to step up their photography game, the KODAK PIXPRO AZ425-RD.. It offers a range of features and capabilities at an affordable price point. With its easy-to-use interface and intuitive controls, this camera is accessible to those who may not have much experience with digital cameras. Whether you’re just starting out or looking for an upgrade from your smartphone camera, the KODAK PIXPRO AZ425-RD provides a user-friendly and budget-friendly option to explore your creativity and capture stunning images.Note: The section titles and texts provided above are for reference purposes only. Please feel free to modify or expand upon them to suit your specific needs and writing style.


  • Amazing zoom capability with 42X optical zoom and 24mm wide angle lens.
  • Good detail in images taken in good lighting conditions.
  • Easy to use for point and shoot, suitable for beginners.


  • Poor performance in low lighting conditions.
  • Difficulty capturing clear images of close-up objects.
  • Feels cheap and not durable, lens cover falls off easily.

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While the KODAK PIXPRO AZ425-RD has some positive aspects, such as its zoom capabilities and ease of use, it falls short in several areas. The camera’s performance in low-light conditions and capturing close objects is subpar. The lack of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity for easy file transfer is also a drawback. Considering the limitations and the fact that my phone can perform similar functions, I find it difficult to justify the $200 price tag. Unless you exclusively shoot well-lit, non-moving objects, there are better options available in the market.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Is the zoom capability of the camera impressive?

Answer: Yes, the camera has a 42X optical zoom and 24mm wide angle lens, which allows for capturing distant subjects with great detail.

Question: How does the camera perform in low lighting conditions?

Answer: Unfortunately, the camera performs poorly in low lighting conditions, resulting in subpar image quality.

Question: Is the camera suitable for beginners?

Answer: Yes, the camera is easy to use for point and shoot, making it a good option for beginners who want to learn photography.

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