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Sony WH-CH720NW Review: Exceptional Sound and Comfort

With a sleek design and impressive battery life, these headphones offer great value for the price.

I recently purchased the Sony WH-CH720NW headphones and have been thoroughly impressed with their performance. The sound quality is exceptional, delivering natural vocals and crystal-clear sound, thanks to the Integrated Processor V1 and Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE). The EQ settings on the Sony | Headphones Connect app allow me to tailor the sound to my personal preference, enhancing my listening experience.

Furthermore, the noise-canceling feature on these headphones is outstanding. The Dual Noise Sensor technology and Integrated Processor V1 allow me to adapt the sound to my liking. With the Sony | Headphones Connect app, I can easily adjust the ambient sound across 20 different levels, making it convenient for when I’m on the move.

Comfort is also a standout feature of the Sony WH-CH720NW headphones. The lightweight and ergonomic construction ensures a comfortable fit, even during extended listening sessions. The 35-hour battery life (with Noise Cancelling ON) is impressive, allowing me to enjoy uninterrupted music for long periods.

Sony WH-CH720NW: Enhanced Sound Quality

Sony WH-CH720NW


To provide an exceptional audio experience, the Sony WH-CH720NW Noise Canceling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are designed. With the Integrated Processor V1 and Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE), these headphones provide natural vocals, crystal clear sound, and balanced tuning. The result is high-quality sound that captures the nuances and details of your favorite music, just as the artists intended.To further personalize your listening experience, the Sony | Headphones Connect app allows you to tailor the sound to your personal preference using EQ settings. Additionally, these headphones are 360 Reality Audio Certified, offering an immersive music experience. By analyzing your individual ear shape on the Sony | Headphones Connect app, you can optimize the audio output for a truly captivating listening experience.

Sony WH-CH720NW: Adaptive Noise Cancellation

Sony WH-CH720NW


A more immersive and focused listening experience is ensured by the advanced noise cancellation technology featured in the Sony WH-CH720NW headphones. With Dual Noise Sensor technology and the Integrated Processor V1, these headphones adapt the sound to your liking. Whether you’re in a noisy environment or on the move, you can use the Sony | Headphones Connect app to adjust the ambient sound across 20 different levels.The noise cancellation feature allows you to block out external distractions, so you can fully enjoy your music without any interruptions. It creates a tranquil listening environment, enabling you to dive deeper into your favorite tracks and experience every note with clarity.

Sony WH-CH720NW: Comfortable and Long-Lasting

Sony WH-CH720NW


Especially for extended listening sessions, comfort is key when it comes to headphones. The Sony WH-CH720NW headphones are designed with a lightweight and ergonomic construction, ensuring that they stay comfortable even during long periods of use. With a battery life of up to 35 hours (with Noise Cancelling ON), you can enjoy uninterrupted music throughout the day.The headphones are built to last, with sturdy construction that can withstand everyday wear and tear. Whether you’re commuting, working, or relaxing, these headphones provide a comfortable and reliable audio companion.

Convenient and Easy to Use

Sony WH-CH720NW


Enhancing the user experience, the Sony WH-CH720NW headphones offer a range of convenient features. With Multipoint Connection, you can easily switch between two Bluetooth devices, allowing you to seamlessly transition from listening to music on your phone to taking calls on your tablet. The easy button operation ensures effortless control, and the headphones can even be controlled using your voice.Additionally, these headphones are compatible with Swift Pair and Fast Pair, making the initial setup quick and hassle-free. Whether you’re a tech-savvy individual or someone who prefers simplicity, these headphones provide a user-friendly experience.

Sony WH-CH720NW: Clear Voice Calls

Sony WH-CH720NW


Not only for listening to music but also for making clear and crisp voice calls, the Sony WH-CH720NW headphones are great. With Precise Voice Pickup Technology, Wind Noise Reduction Structure, and beamforming microphones, these headphones effectively pick up your voice and reduce background noise. Whether you’re taking calls in a crowded environment or in a windy outdoor setting, you can enjoy clearer conversations with these over-ear headphones.

Sony WH-CH720NW: Customer Reviews


The Sony WH-CH720NW headphones have received high satisfaction from customers. Many praise the sound quality, noting that it exceeds their expectations. The battery life is also a standout feature, with users appreciating the long-lasting performance. The headphones have received positive feedback for their ease of use, comfort, and noise cancellation capabilities.Overall, the Sony WH-CH720NW headphones offer a compelling package of enhanced sound quality, adaptive noise cancellation, comfort, convenience, and clear voice calls. With a reasonable price point, these headphones provide a great value for those seeking a high-quality audio experience.


  • Excellent sound quality: The Sony WH-CH720NW headphones deliver natural vocals, crystal clear sound, and balanced tuning, providing a high-quality audio experience.
  • Versatile noise cancellation: With dual noise sensor technology and the Integrated Processor V1, these headphones allow you to adapt sound to your liking. The Sony | Headphones Connect app also lets you adjust the ambient sound across 20 different levels.
  • Comfortable for long periods: These wireless headphones are lightweight and ergonomically designed, ensuring comfort even during extended listening sessions. Plus, they offer a battery life of up to 35 hours with noise cancellation on.


  • Limited noise blocking for voices: While the noise cancellation is effective at blocking background noise, it may not completely mute people’s voices. However, it does reduce the volume of voices, especially in crowded environments.
  • Lack of folding feature: Unlike some other headphones, the WH-CH720NW model does not fold up, making them less convenient for transportation. However, the earpieces can be twisted around for easier wearing around the neck.
  • Clicky buttons: Some users have found the buttons on these headphones to feel a bit cheap and clicky, lacking a soft touch. However, this may be a minor issue for those who prioritize sound quality and comfort over button feel.


In conclusion, the Sony WH-CH720NW headphones have exceeded my expectations in terms of sound quality, noise-canceling capabilities, and comfort. With their multipoint connection, easy button operation, and voice control functionality, they are incredibly user-friendly. The Precise Voice Pickup Technology and Wind Noise Reduction Structure enhance the quality of phone calls.

Considering the affordable price point, the Sony WH-CH720NW headphones are a fantastic investment. Whether you’re a music enthusiast, a frequent traveler, or simply someone looking for a reliable and immersive listening experience, I highly recommend these headphones. They deliver on all fronts and offer great value for the price.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Can the noise cancellation be adjusted?

Answer: Yes, the Sony WH-CH720NW headphones allow you to adjust the noise cancellation settings through the Sony | Headphones Connect app. You can choose from 20 different levels of ambient sound control.

Question: How long does the battery last?

Answer: These headphones offer up to 35 hours of battery life with noise cancellation turned on. However, it’s recommended to charge them regularly, especially if you plan on using them extensively.

Question: Are these headphones comfortable for extended use?

Answer: Yes, the WH-CH720NW headphones are designed to provide comfort even during long listening sessions. The lightweight construction and ergonomic design ensure a comfortable fit, allowing you to enjoy your music for hours without discomfort.

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