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Samsung Galaxy Buds FE Review: Comfortable and Immersive True Wireless Earbuds

The Samsung Galaxy Buds FE, true wireless Bluetooth earbuds designed for comfort and secure fit. With features like ANC support, ecosystem connectivity, and a powerful 1-way speaker, these earbuds offer a convenient and immersive audio experience. In this review, we will delve into various aspects of the product and share our personal experiences with it.

Having used the SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds FE for a while now, I can say that they offer a comfortable fit that stays in place even during rigorous activities. The wing-tip design ensures a secure fit, allowing me to enjoy my music without worrying about them falling out.

The Active Noise Cancellation feature is a game-changer. It effectively blocks out unwanted background noise, allowing me to focus on the audio I want to hear. Whether I’m listening to music or taking calls, the ANC feature enhances the overall audio experience.

The seamless connectivity with other Galaxy devices is impressive. With just a tap, the Buds FE pair effortlessly to my other Samsung devices through my Samsung account. This makes it convenient to switch between devices without any hassle.

The automatic audio switching feature, known as Auto Switch, is another highlight. It allows the Buds FE to connect to the device I need at any given moment. For example, if I’m watching a movie on my tablet and a call comes through on my phone, I can seamlessly answer the call through my Buds FE without any interruptions.

Comfort and Secure Fit

Samsung Galaxy Buds FE


Featuring a wing-tip design that keeps the buds securely in place, the SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds FE are designed for comfort. Whether you’re wearing them for a short period or all day long, the comfortable fit ensures that they stay in your ears without any discomfort or the need for constant adjustments. The insertion is just deep enough to provide a secure fit without feeling intrusive. With these buds, you can enjoy your music or podcasts without worrying about them falling out, allowing you to move freely and stay focused on what you’re doing.

Samsung Galaxy Buds FE: Active Noise Cancellation

Samsung Galaxy Buds FE


The Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology is one of the standout features of the SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds FE. With ANC support, you can block out unwanted background noise and immerse yourself in your music or calls. Whether you’re in a crowded area or a noisy environment, ANC allows you to hear what you want and not what you don’t. This feature enhances your listening experience by providing a more focused and uninterrupted sound quality.

Seamless Connectivity within the Ecosystem

Samsung Galaxy Buds FE


Through your Samsung account, the SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds FE seamlessly pair with your other Galaxy devices. Simply open the case, tap to connect, and your paired Buds FE show up in your list of devices. This integration within the Samsung ecosystem allows for convenient and hassle-free connectivity. Whether you’re using your Galaxy smartphone, tablet, or any other compatible device, the Buds FE automatically switch between devices, ensuring that you never miss a beat. Stream a movie on your tablet, and if a call comes through on your phone, you can answer it directly through your Buds FE.

Samsung Galaxy Buds FE: Automatic Audio Switching

Samsung Galaxy Buds FE


The SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds FE connect to whatever device you need at the moment with Auto Switch. Whether you’re listening to music on your tablet or watching a video on your laptop, the Buds FE seamlessly switch between devices, providing a seamless audio experience. This feature eliminates the need to manually switch the connection between devices, saving you time and effort. Enjoy uninterrupted audio as you move between different devices, ensuring that you stay connected and entertained.

Samsung Galaxy Buds FE: Impressive Sound Quality

Samsung Galaxy Buds FE


Equipped with powerful 1-way speakers, the SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds FE deliver high-quality audio. While wearing these buds, you can expect a balanced sound with clear highs, detailed mids, and punchy lows. The sound is smooth from low to high frequencies, providing an enjoyable listening experience across various genres of music. Whether you’re a casual listener or an audiophile, the Buds FE offer impressive sound quality that enhances your music, podcasts, and calls.

Great Value for Samsung Fans


The SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds FE offer the best value for Samsung fans. These buds seamlessly integrate with your Samsung devices, providing a cohesive and convenient user experience. The combination of comfort, ANC support, seamless connectivity, automatic audio switching, and impressive sound quality make the Buds FE a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and feature-packed wireless earbud option. With their competitive price point, the Buds FE offer a compelling option for those who want to enjoy the benefits of true wireless listening without breaking the bank.


  • Designed for comfort and secure fit with wing-tip design.
  • Active Noise Cancellation allows you to hear what you want.
  • Easy pairing with other Galaxy devices through Samsung account.


  • The case is not clearly labeled and can be fiddly to open.
  • The sound quality is average and lacks depth and clarity.
  • The volume control can be confusing and requires customization through the app.


In conclusion, the SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds FE are a solid choice for those seeking comfortable and secure wireless earbuds. The ANC support, ecosystem connectivity, and powerful speaker deliver an immersive audio experience. While there are some minor drawbacks, such as the lack of a strong magnet in the charging case and the need for a custom EQ option, the overall performance and value for the price make these earbuds a worthy investment.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Are the Samsung Galaxy Buds FE comfortable to wear?

Answer: Yes, they are designed for comfort and have wing-tip design that keeps them securely in place.

Question: Can I connect the Galaxy Buds FE easily to my other Galaxy devices?

Answer: Yes, they can be easily paired to other Galaxy devices through your Samsung account.

Question: How is the sound quality of the Galaxy Buds FE?

Answer: The sound quality is average, with some users finding it lacking depth and clarity.

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