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Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro Review: Unleash the Power of True Wireless Earbuds

The Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro, a true wireless Bluetooth earbud headphone, offers various features like active noise cancellation and hi-fi sound quality. With a rating of 4.6 out of 5 and over 3,400 reviews, this product has gained popularity among users. In this review, we will delve into the product’s details and evaluate its performance based on personal experiences.

I have been using the SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds2 Pro for about six months now, and I must say that I am impressed with its performance. The earbuds come with different sizes of plungers, and I found that the smallest size fits my ears perfectly. They are comfortable to wear, and I can even forget that they are there while wearing them. The active noise cancellation feature is excellent, as it effectively reduces unwanted noise, allowing me to focus on what matters most without being distracted by the surrounding sounds.

The sound quality of these earbuds is top-notch. Whether I am listening to my favorite playlist or tuning into a podcast, I can feel every note as if I am present at the live event. The enhanced 360-degree audio brings out the tones I love from every angle, providing a personalized surround sound experience. Additionally, the HD voice technology ensures crystal-clear calls, separating my voice from the surrounding noise.

I appreciate the intelligent conversation mode of these earbuds, which allows me to keep the conversation going without taking them out. They automatically turn off active noise cancellation, lower the volume, and switch to ambient mode when my voice is detected. This feature is particularly useful when I need to interact with others without interrupting my listening experience.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro: Active Noise Cancellation for Distraction-Free Listening

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro


Their active noise cancellation technology is one of the standout features of the SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds2 Pro True Wireless Bluetooth Earbud Headphones. With Intelligent Active Noise Cancellation, these earbuds effectively reduce unwanted external noise, allowing you to focus on what matters most. Whether you’re working in a noisy environment, commuting, or simply trying to enjoy your favorite music, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro have got you covered. Say goodbye to distractions and immerse yourself in your audio experience.

Hi-Fi Sound Quality for an Enhanced Listening Experience

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro


The hi-fi sound quality offered by the Galaxy Buds2 Pro will be appreciated by music lovers or avid podcast listeners. These earbuds deliver studio-quality sound that rivals professional headphones. Every note and detail comes through with exceptional clarity and depth, making you feel like you’re right there in the studio or concert venue. Whether you’re rocking out to your favorite playlist or catching up on the latest episodes of your favorite podcast, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro will elevate your listening experience to the next level.

Enhanced 360-Degree Audio for Personalized Surround Sound

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro


Enhanced 360-degree audio takes your audio experience a step further with the Galaxy Buds2 Pro. This innovative feature brings out the nuances and tones you love from every angle, creating a personalized surround sound experience. Whether you’re watching a movie, playing a game, or simply enjoying your favorite music, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro will envelop you in rich, immersive sound. It’s like having a portable sound system right in your ears.

Excellent Fit for All-Day Comfort and Secure Fit

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro


Designed with comfort in mind, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro prioritize comfort when it comes to earbuds. These earbuds are even more comfortable than their predecessors and are designed to fit securely in your ears, no matter what you’re doing. Whether you’re working, working out, or simply going about your daily activities, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro will stay in place and provide all-day comfort. You can focus on your tasks or enjoy your music without constantly readjusting or worrying about them falling out.

HD Voice Technology for Crystal Clear Calls

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro


Crystal clear calls are ensured by the Galaxy Buds2 Pro, in addition to delivering high-quality audio. With HD Voice Technology, your voice is separated from surrounding noise, allowing you to have clear and crisp conversations, even in noisy environments. Whether you’re taking work calls or catching up with friends and family, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro will ensure that your voice comes through loud and clear, making every call a high-definition chat.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro: Intelligent Conversation Mode for Seamless Transition


Staying connected and engaged with Intelligent Conversation Mode is made easy by the Galaxy Buds2 Pro. When your voice is detected, the earbuds automatically turn off Active Noise Cancellation, lower the volume, and activate Ambient Mode. This allows you to have a conversation without having to take out your earbuds or pause your audio. It’s a seamless transition that keeps you in the conversation while still enjoying the benefits of noise cancellation when you need it.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro: Water-Resistant Protection for Active Lifestyles


From rain showers to intense workouts, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro can handle any situation. With an IPX7 water-resistant rating, these earbuds are protected against water immersion up to 3 feet deep for 30 minutes. You can confidently take them with you on your outdoor adventures or intense workouts, knowing that they will keep up with your active lifestyle. Water won’t ruin your workout


  • Active Noise Cancellation – The SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds2 Pro uses Intelligent Active Noise Cancellation to reduce unwanted noise, allowing you to tune in to what matters most without being bothered by distracting sounds around you.
  • Hi-Fi Sound Quality – These earbuds provide studio-quality sound, offering a next-level listening experience whether you’re rocking out to your playlist or staying informed with a podcast.
  • Enhanced 360-Degree Audio – The enhanced 360-degree audio brings out the tones you love from every angle, providing a personalized surround sound experience every time you use them.


  • Fit for Running – The earbuds may not be the best option for intense running sessions as they may jostle out of your ears.
  • Design for Smaller Ears – Some users with smaller ears have reported discomfort or soreness after extended use due to the size and shape of the earbuds.
  • Case Security – The earbuds have a tendency to fall out of the case if mishandled or dropped, which can be inconvenient if you are not careful.


In conclusion, the SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds2 Pro has exceeded my expectations in terms of comfort, sound quality, and functionality. While they may not be the best option for intense physical activities due to the possibility of them jostling out of the ears, they excel in providing an immersive listening experience with their active noise cancellation and enhanced audio features. The water-resistant design adds to their durability, making them suitable for various occasions. Overall, I highly recommend the SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds2 Pro for anyone looking for a high-quality and versatile pair of true wireless earbuds.

Questions & Answers:

Question: How is the sound quality of the SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds2 Pro?

Answer: The sound quality of the SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds2 Pro is excellent. They provide studio-quality sound and deliver a crisp and clear audio experience.

Question: Can the earbuds be used for running or intense workouts?

Answer: While the earbuds are designed to fit securely, some users have reported that they may jostle out of the ears during intense running or workouts. It is recommended to use caution and consider alternative options if you engage in rigorous physical activities.

Question: Is the case secure in holding the earbuds?

Answer: The case of the SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds2 Pro may not securely hold the earbuds if mishandled or dropped. It would be beneficial to handle the case with care to prevent the earbuds from falling out.

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