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Marshall Major IV Review: Exceptional Performance and Stylish Design

With its custom-tuned dynamic drivers and impressive battery life, it promises to deliver an exceptional listening experience. In this review, we will delve into the features and user feedback to determine if it lives up to its claims.

I have been using the Marshall Major IV headphones as my go-to everyday headphones, and I must say, they have exceeded my expectations. The battery life is simply outstanding, offering a whopping 80+ hours of wireless playtime. I can go weeks without needing to recharge, even with a couple of hours of daily use. This is by far the longest-lasting pair of headphones I have ever owned.

The design of these headphones is also worth mentioning. They have a unique and stylish aesthetic, with a retro vibe that sets them apart from other plasticky headphones on the market. The leather accents and textured black vinyl give them a classy look. Moreover, the improved ergonomic design ensures comfort even after hours of use. The ear cushions are soft and perfectly fit the shape of my ears.

In terms of sound quality, the Marshall Major IV does not disappoint. The signature Marshall sound delivers roaring bass, smooth mids, and brilliant treble, creating a rich and unrivaled audio experience. While it may not satisfy the most discerning audiophiles, the sound mix is fantastic, especially for genres like rock, R&B, and blues. The headphones offer great clarity and detail, allowing you to hear every nuance in your favorite tracks.

The controls on these headphones are intuitive and convenient. The multi-directional control knob allows you to play, pause, skip tracks, adjust the volume, and even power the headphones on or off. It’s a simple and efficient way to navigate your music without fumbling for buttons. Additionally, the phone functionality works seamlessly, enabling easy call management with just a few clicks.

Marshall Major IV: Superior Sound Quality

Marshall Major IV


Expect the signature Marshall sound delivered by the Marshall Major IV On-Ear Bluetooth Headphone. With custom-tuned dynamic drivers, these headphones provide roaring bass, smooth mids, and brilliant treble for a rich, unrivaled sound experience. Whether you’re listening to rock, R&B, or blues, the sound mix on these headphones is punchy and clear, allowing you to hear all the details in your favorite songs. While they may not have support for codecs like AptX or AAC, the sound quality is still excellent without them. Overall, the Major IV offers superior sound quality that will impress any music lover.

Impressive Battery Life and Quick Charging

Marshall Major IV


Impressive battery life is one of the standout features of the Marshall Major IV. With over 80 hours of wireless playtime, these headphones are built for the long haul. You can go weeks without needing to recharge, even if you use them for a couple of hours every day. Additionally, the quick-charge capability is a game-changer. Just 15 minutes of charging will give you 15 hours of listening time, ensuring that you never have to wait long to enjoy your favorite tunes. The Major IV truly excels in providing extended battery life and convenient quick charging.

Marshall Major IV: Enhanced Ergonomic Design for Comfort

Marshall Major IV


The Marshall Major IV doesn’t disappoint when it comes to comfort. The improved ergonomic design ensures that even after hours of use, these headphones remain comfortable. The ear cushions are softer to the touch and more faithfully fit the shape of your ears, providing a snug and cozy fit. Whether you’re deep diving into your music or wearing them during long commutes, the Major IV’s comfort remains consistent. The lightweight build and adjustable headband contribute to a comfortable listening experience, making these headphones perfect for extended use.

Marshall Major IV: Wireless Charging and Multi-Directional Control

Marshall Major IV


Take convenience to the next level with the wireless charging capability of the Major IV. Now, you can easily charge and go without the hassle of searching for your charger amidst a mess of wires. While a wireless charging pad is not included, you’ll receive a USB-C charging cable in the box for easy charging. Additionally, the multi-directional control knob allows you to play, pause, skip, and adjust the volume of your device effortlessly. You can even power your headphones on or off with a simple click. The control knob, combined with phone functionality, provides a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Marshall Major IV: Iconic Design with Foldable Portability

Marshall Major IV


The iconic and innovative design of the Major IV combines enhanced usability with classic Marshall elements. The multi-directional control knob, textured black vinyl, and Marshall script give these headphones a timeless aesthetic. Additionally, the new fold clip feature allows the Major IV to fold into an even more compact size, making them easy to carry and store. The ear caps are also protected from wear and tear, ensuring the longevity of your headphones. With its iconic design and foldable portability, the Major IV is both stylish and practical.

Versatility with 3.5mm Socket and Sharing Option


Enjoy the features of a 3.5mm socket, allowing you to connect another pair of headphones and share your music with a friend. This versatility is a great feature, especially when you want to enjoy your favorite songs together. The option to share your sound adds an extra layer of convenience and enjoyment to your listening experience. Whether you’re traveling or simply want to share your music, the Major IV’s 3.5mm socket provides flexibility and versatility.These key aspects of the Marshall Major IV On-Ear Bluetooth Headphone showcase its superior sound quality, impressive battery life, enhanced ergonomic design, wireless charging capability, iconic design, and versatility. Whether you’re a music enthusiast or looking for a reliable pair of headphones, the Major IV is a top choice that delivers on all fronts.


  • The Marshall Major IV delivers the signature Marshall sound that users have come to expect. The custom-tuned dynamic drivers provide roaring bass, smooth mids, and brilliant treble for a rich and unrivaled sound experience.
  • With 80+ solid hours of wireless playtime and quick-charge capability, these headphones are built for the long haul. Just 15 minutes of charging gives you 15 hours of listening, ensuring that you won’t run out of battery power anytime soon.
  • The improved ergonomic design of the Major IV ensures comfort even after hours of use. The ear cushions are softer to the touch and better fit the shape of your ear, providing a comfortable listening experience from the first hour to the tenth.


  • The Major IV headphones do not have active noise cancellation (ANC), which may be a drawback for those looking to block out external noise in certain environments.
  • These headphones are on-ear, not over-ear, which means that the padding sits on your ears instead of going around them. Some users may find this less comfortable, especially during extended listening sessions.
  • The metal clips connecting the cans to the headband may be a durability concern, as they are thin and located at a joint. While they have held up for several months for some users, there is a possibility of potential issues with these clips.


In conclusion, the Marshall Major IV On-Ear Bluetooth Headphone is a standout product in its price range. With its impressive battery life, comfortable design, and high-quality sound, it offers excellent value for money. The lack of active noise cancellation may be a drawback for some, but the passive noise cancellation does a decent job of blocking out ambient noise. If you’re looking for a reliable and stylish pair of headphones that deliver exceptional performance, the Marshall Major IV is definitely worth considering.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Are the Major IV headphones suitable for audiophiles?

Answer: The Major IV headphones provide very good sound quality, but they may not satisfy true audiophiles who are looking for superior sound with support for high-quality codecs like AptX or AAC.

Question: Do these headphones come with a carry case?

Answer: No, the Major IV headphones do not come with a carry case. However, they fold up nicely and are compact enough to fit into a coat pocket for easy portability.

Question: Can the Major IV headphones be used for phone calls?

Answer: Yes, these headphones have phone functionality and allow you to answer, reject, or end calls with a few simple clicks. They also have a built-in microphone that provides clear audio for phone calls and Zoom meetings.

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